Why do people get weird when boys wear pantyhose I always liked how they looked and felt on girls so I wanted to try them myself - They feel GREAT but my family freaks out WHY PS I'm not gay?

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== == Because when you wear them you freudian slip is showing. It sounds as if your family mistakenly assumes that boys and men wearing women's clothing are gay. You probably need to be more discreet about it. ===================================================== It sounds like your family is either uneducated or probably just uncomfortable with it. I am a Man that does not wear Pantyhose, but can easily understand the liking as I Love them on Women. I could not imagine even telling anyone in my family just that (that i like them on Women). So for you to tell them, they must be very close. Or they may have just caught you.

Education: 1. Men wore Pantyhose/Tights 1st. Well over 100-200 years before women wore them. 2. It is just material. It does not define someones sexuality or 'weirdness'. 3. Because of the demand, feel, look, health benefits, warmth, sexiness, etc... many hosiery companies now make / sell Pantyhose strictly for men!



1 last thing to keep in mind. Your family may understand those, but may worry about you being called/looked at different- and that is just family.


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