This year I can only have one party either a Halloween or a birthday since they are 15 days apart I can't have both and I can't decide What should i do?


i would mix them together. make it funkyy. have it be a dressed up spooky birthday sleepover.


that's what i did with my birthday and my sixth grade graduation a few years ago.

hope this helps you.(:

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What age do kids stop birthday parties when they only have family and no friends to celebrate with?

There is no age where a child shouldn't celebrate with their loved ones! If they don't have friends, it's even more important to celebrate their birthday as a family. My family's tradition is to make the child their favorite meal, or go to their favorite resturaunt as a family (seperate from frie...

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What if your having a Halloween and your best friend is having a birthday Halloween themed party just so you won't have one should I still have a party?

Well you could always have the party next year. Or find out which friends she invited and if she invited all of your friends then i would cancel the party, but if only one or two of your friends are going to her party then yes i would have a party and calmly explain to her why you cant come to he...

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What are some non criminal Halloween trick or treat tricks I can play this year?

Some good Halloween pranks include ringing doors bells saying "Canned goods or meat" or even go door to door putting candy in peoples bowls instead of taking candy. You can find a bunch of creative ideas at

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What should I do if it is five days before Halloween and I don't have a costume my mum won't let me buy one and my dad always has to stick with my mum what should I do?

wrap your self in tin foil or make a costume.................... you should make one from clothes that you have say if you wanted to be a...... sheep all you have to do is get a head band and glue cotton balls on it for ears then for the costume wear all white and for the tail make one from ...

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What are some Halloween costume ideas for a 14 year old who wants to look 10 and can't buy anything or spend too much time on the costume?

Why would a fourteen year-old want to look like a ten year-old? Anyway, just go in normal clothes. Make a sign that says 'Nudist on strike' and carry it around. Simple and easy! You get a lot more candy if you look younger

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You are a 12 year old girl and you are going to a Halloween party What should you wear you don't want to be like a little kid but you also don't wont to be revealing or slutty?

well I'm in the same boat as you but I'm going as flo from the progressive commercials. maybe you can do that to.

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If you are a baby for Halloween and have a diaper on would you use it out of convenience at a party or whatever?

no cuz you wil feel you going and scream then you wil have to change your self

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You are 11 and a short brown bob size 8 dress size and have been invited to go with huge group for trick and treating it's alsoyour best friends birthday party what should you dress as?

Well, you can dress as anything you want to be, because you have a right to dress as anything you want to be. If your friends disaprove of your costume, then they were never really your friends.

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Which are the places to see when on holiday in Hong Kong since you have chosen it as your holiday destination for this year and in how many days will you be able to cover all of them properly?

ummm, hong kong island, Victoria peak, aberdenn fishing village, bronze buddha (lanatua island) and walled village in the new territories. allow for 1 week to get everything done and fully experience it, those places were just some of the highlights! Enjoy!

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What are some good Halloween costume ideas for two seventeen year old girls who want to dress up and have their costumes go together for a party?

you could be a washing machine and drier. all you need is some white paint, a box and a black marker

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Why do people use black cats as one of halloween's themes when they're not bad luck I - have owned a black cat for about 3 years so why do they use them for Halloween?

In mythology black cats were often associated with witchcraft; it was believed that witches had a special pet called a "familar" which was usually a small animal like a cat (often but not always black) or an owl. well its sayed that sitanics sacrifice black cats on that day. so id suggest that an...

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Help with Halloween costume I have a party Friday I'm trying to come up with ideas I have a really cute black halter dress and I can still fit in my homecoming dress from HS any ideas?

Go as a dead Prom Queen or a live one. See if you can convert it into the dress that Elvira (Mistress of the Dark) wears.

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What should i do on Halloween night i don't celebrate it because I'm a christian and my friends didn't invite me to anything i can go to?

It dont matter if your a christian. Halloween was first celebrated the day of the dead. all that HALLOWEEN is the devils birthday isCRAP!!! It was first called Hallos eve. So if your a Christian and have nowhere to go you should get better Friends who invite you to celebrations or start your own ...

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Ok you need a costume for a wedding that im going to on Halloween and all the one you have thought you cant use because there are kids there and your mom dosent like them im 15 btw so what should I go?

You need to be honest with your mother about it. She doesn't have to attend, and there's no reason why you shouldn't.

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Is costume wearing have anything to do with or related to worshipping idols even when it's not Halloween like cosplaying and this is coming from the perspective of a christian or religious follower?

I was laughing for like five minutes before I started typing. Wearing costumes, especially cosplay, has nothing to do with idol worship. It's just acting without the stage.

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I am wanting to throw a Halloween party instead of going trick or treating with the kids but i have to do it on a budget. Can anyone tell me how to do it in style and on a low budget.?


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Appropriate teen costumes I need appropriate costumes for a Mature 12 year old girl. all of the costumes i have seen are super slutty. they need to be hot but not slutty and something easy to make.?

i dont really kno be a rockstar You could do a cute Alice in Wonderland, Runaway Prom queen, Annie, or find a friend/pet who might be willing do go as a pair with you.

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Halloweens so close now I do not knowwhat 2 b should you be Dorothy from the wizard of oz or should you be puppies for sale when you put a box around you and I'm a puppy and it looks cute please help?

Puppies they are soooooooooooo cute. I would choose something what will go with me well so the puppies are awesome to choose keep! Peace out! Both are great ideas. The puppies in a box for sale would probably be easiest. You just need a box, face paint, and stuffed animal puppies to include in th...

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