I want to put up some wall shelves in my living room to keep decorative items but need suitable brackets to hold them. What kind should I put?

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Get good quality brackets that will be able to take the weight of the decorative pieces. You could get ones with some carvings so that they look ornate and go well in the living room. There are usually available in white or black.

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Should I put my Halloween decorations outside my home, or keep them indoors?

Both! Both! Inside is great for your family, friends and guests. Outside for those driving around to look at pretty displays. Why limit yourself? Pull your sleeves and and get decorating. Halloween only comes but once a year.

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What should I keep in my caravan?

11 must-have caravan accessories Caravan steps. Your home front door is probably level with the garden path or hallway. Caravan water and waste containers. Caravan toilet chemicals. Crockery. Basic toolkit. First aid kit. Caravan leisure battery. Fire extinguisher.

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For Halloween me and my best friend want to be peanut butter and jelly- but make cute outfits but i can't find a peanut butter colored shirtWhere should i look?

hobby lobby carries a bunch of blank sweaters and t shirts i recommend that you go there for your peanut butter colored sweat-shirt. in a trash can a homless shelter

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You are a waitress at a Mexican restaurant and for Halloween all the staff are dressing up in costumes i want something cute but not to sexy please give me some good ideas thanks?

For Halloween, you can dress up as a pirate or a baby doll. Theae are both cute costumes that are still work appropriate.

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What happens if you want to be a vampire for Halloween but have braces is there some way that you can wear them that doesn't involve getting the braces off?

They do make lone peice vampire for your top and bottom teeth. They are rather cheep and should work with braces.

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I was dared to dress up as a girl for Halloween what should i wear Make up clothes pantyhose jewelry etc Im 5'4 14 and will dress up in almost anything girls please answer soon?

Ummm, I Think You Should Get A Wig With Long Hair, Wear Like Some Tights And A Skirt With Like A Really Cute Girls Top, Like A Frilly Blouse Or Something, Oh, Or Maybe Ever Better; A Dress! That Would Be So Funny. You Should Try And Wear Heels And As For The Make Up. You Should Wear Eye Shadow, M...

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Ok you need a costume for a wedding that im going to on Halloween and all the one you have thought you cant use because there are kids there and your mom dosent like them im 15 btw so what should I go?

You need to be honest with your mother about it. She doesn't have to attend, and there's no reason why you shouldn't.

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