How can you ask a family member to accompany you to counseling for abuse when she thinks you are making big deal about the way her family is treated by her husband?

Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
Black Death (Plagues)

We are all individuals in our own right and we all take action differently regarding the area of abusive relationships or any other major problems in our lives. Most abused women are in denial or simply terrified and some prefer whatever security they can get from their abuser rather than leave the situation. You can't make a victim go for help and they have to find their own path. As painful as it is for you to handle, the best thing to do is stop harassing the victim and start listening. If you listen you can offer some advice, but once you hound the victim to seek further help they will just clam out and you will be left out in the cold. At least if you are there, they can trust you and you are more aware of any serious developments such as physical beatings of the victim. What can you do if this should occur? If you are witness to the act then you can report the abuser to the police and YOU can press charges. Good luck Marcy

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I know a 11 year old girl that wants to make money to buy her family Christmas gifts how can she make money?

An 11 year old girl that wants to make money to buy her family Christmas gifts is limited in her choices. She could offer to pet sit for friends and relatives.

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Should you have a big baby shower for your friend this is her second baby in two years she registered again because she is having a boy this time she had a baby girl the first time around.?

A big shower--no. A small shower, yes...she still needs boy stuff!

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Why does WalMart think that a Halloween commerical that rewards children for lying about trick or treats acceptable to the management of Walmart It is certainly not acceptable to the family values?

the same way they always do stuff making people buy there products you can make a formal complain to

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Is it okay to demand for money when you are trick or treating?

heck to the no! halloween is for candy. you will sound very selfishh demanding their hard earned money while you walk around in a scary costume half drunk on sugar. I would say it is impolite, and people will deffinetly look down on you in shame for it. so my answer is no

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What should you do about the displeasure you feel when your girlfriend lied and said she hadn't gone to a Halloween party which you made clear is unacceptable to you and continues to lie about it?

First off you didn't explain why you felt displeasure over your girlfriend going to a Halloween Party and leads one to believe you are extremely controlling. Until you have an engagement ring on that girl's finger then you don't own her and have no right to tell her where she can and cannot go. W...

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How is a bangladeshi bride dressed up what are the things that are used to dress her up for her wedding day?

Generally, she wears a red sari and lots of gold jewellery. You can just search "Bangladeshi bride" in any search engine and see the pictures.

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You have 96 candy bars and 64 popcorn balls What is the greatest number of treat sacks you can make if you want to use all the treats you have?

You can make 32 bags with 3 candy bars and 2 popcorn balls in them.

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Do you think a person is a dork because they are making a mermaid tail that is used to swim in the water as well as to look pretty out of the water?

A bit. It depends how old you are. If you are 7 years old not so much, but if you are 10-16 years old it would fall into the "dork" area. Don't do it because others will make fun of you. Keep this to yourself. Just sit and smile to yourself that no one knows you are a mermaid ( I hope you know yo...

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Do you think a person is immature or insane because they are making a fully functional mermaid tail that is used to swim in the water as well as to look nice out of the water and WHY?

Yes. This person has serious issues. A lot of new inventions were first looked upon as insane. Let's withhold judgment and see if mermaid swimming becomes the new rage or not.

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What can you do for a last minute valentines gift when the shops are closed and you want 2 make something original?

You must be the same person I answered to earlier, right? How about A homemade card, from paper, a couple pencils, etc. Presents do not HAVE to be given. Do something with the person you want to give a gift to... There are still a lot of things you can do. That is so true. You can cook a meal for...

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You are going to be a she wolf for Halloween you already have the leotard Does anyone know where you can get cool boots gloves and possibly a jacket?

I would look in the yellow pages for costumes. If you can't find them there sometimes second hand stores such as Goodwill have cool clothing.

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Your father died when you were 21 yrs old you are 44 now your father was a drunk abusive man but you loved him your dream about him sHow is you riding in the back seat of his car and he is sober?

Take him out for a beer and ask him why he is there.

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Is there a product you can buy to make it look like your eyes have blood in them and I'm not talking about contacts. like some sort of liquid product that's made specially for your eye?

The only thing is Kryolan Eye Blood. Expensive at $15 per ounce and very perishable, but it's the only eye blood out there.

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What happens if you want to be a vampire for Halloween but have braces is there some way that you can wear them that doesn't involve getting the braces off?

They do make lone peice vampire for your top and bottom teeth. They are rather cheep and should work with braces.

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Which are the places to see when on holiday in Hong Kong since you have chosen it as your holiday destination for this year and in how many days will you be able to cover all of them properly?

ummm, hong kong island, Victoria peak, aberdenn fishing village, bronze buddha (lanatua island) and walled village in the new territories. allow for 1 week to get everything done and fully experience it, those places were just some of the highlights! Enjoy!

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