Do you think a person is immature or insane because they are making a fully functional mermaid tail that is used to swim in the water as well as to look nice out of the water and WHY?


Yes. This person has serious issues. A lot of new inventions were first looked upon as insane. Let's withhold judgment and see if mermaid swimming becomes the new rage or not.

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Do you think a person is a dork because they are making a mermaid tail that is used to swim in the water as well as to look pretty out of the water?

A bit. It depends how old you are. If you are 7 years old not so much, but if you are 10-16 years old it would fall into the "dork" area. Don't do it because others will make fun of you. Keep this to yourself. Just sit and smile to yourself that no one knows you are a mermaid ( I hope you know yo...

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Where can you buy mermaid costumes and tails or make a mermaid tail like the ones from the series H2O Just Add Water?

probably from their website or from amazon.

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When you make a mermaid tail what is best to make the scales out of?

You could buy some fabric material from JoAnne's, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, ect. Just cut some pieces and maybe supergule or regular glue them, seqences work also. ~Hope I Helped :))

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How do you get a mermaid tail like the ones that they use in h2o?

Go look at fantasy shops on the internet.

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Have a brown formal dress and want to use it as a Halloween costume Any creative ideas that arent the usual queen fairy undead something from hell?

Well I think that you should go as a ragged doll. Add a few things, make you hair messy and stick up. And get a old pair of shoes and cut a hole in it so you can see your toe. But you could wear that and have a picket sign saying 'nudist on strike'

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Why does WalMart think that a Halloween commerical that rewards children for lying about trick or treats acceptable to the management of Walmart It is certainly not acceptable to the family values?

the same way they always do stuff making people buy there products you can make a formal complain to

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Would it be scarier to be in a haunted house and have someone dressed as the Grim Reaper sump out and try to scare you on Halloween or on a different day?

It would be scarier on a different day because people will expect it on Halloween,escecally in a haunted house.

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Is it true that trick or treating developed during the 1930s as a means to control young people's Halloween night pranks?

No. Trick or treating has been around for centuries. It was used as a way to respect the dead. The idea was that if you placed offerings for the dead and/or for demons, the spirits would leave people alone throughout the rest of the year. So as that tradition progressed, people started dressing a...

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Ok you need a costume for a wedding that im going to on Halloween and all the one you have thought you cant use because there are kids there and your mom dosent like them im 15 btw so what should I go?

You need to be honest with your mother about it. She doesn't have to attend, and there's no reason why you shouldn't.

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