Why is the nylon fabric expensive than cotton?

on my opinion. nylon fabric is expensive than cotton because of the processes the nylon under goes and for the fact that nylon is a synthetic sustitute for cotton thus it uses synthetic matterials which adds up the cost of the nylon fabric

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What is better for fiberglassing nylon or cotton?

Assuming the nylon or cotton is being use as a filler, cotton is definitely better. Nylon consists of long molecules that don't adhere well with the resin. It is also expensive. Cotton, on the other hand is cheap and has a "rougher" molecule. The resulting flox can be used to reinforce structural...

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How much do custom made snowboards cost?

about 200 dollars ANSWER: maybe about $200 to $250 depending on how complicated the design. ANSWER: Yeah, maybe $200, but I think it would be much lesser when you look for someone, whose making snowboards on hand.

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