What time is sundown on April 9 2009 in Gainesville FL?

Sunset 7:53 p.m. End civil twilight 8:17 p.m.

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What are facts for the state of Indiana?

THE STATE IS CALLED INDIANA Indiana is the home of the world's tallest woman. Sandra Allen is an amazing 7ft. 7in. Some fun facts about Indiana is, the fattest cat ever lives in Indiana. 1. Indiana has more train tracks in The US than any other state. 2. One of Indiana's cities has the largest ...

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What is facts about Indiana?

The first successful goldfish farm was in Martinsville Indiana in 1899 This is Mikitiff ^_^ so this answer had a mistake: he/she wrote it 2 times. I am Mikitiff the correcter. At your service.

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