Where can you find pictures of Anne Geddes' babies in costumes?

AllPosters has about 40. It is a commercial site where they may be purchased from as art prints. See the related link below.

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What is the True story about the Holidays?

It depends on the type of holiday you are refering to. Religious holidays have their roots in the religion. Thus there are holidays in various cultures that are tied intimately with the dominate religion of the land. Secular or civil holidays are a proclamation to declare a holiday for the purpos...

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Google changes their banner for other holidays that are not as important as Cinco de Mayo. I'm not a Mexican but I would like to know. What is the reason for them to not change it for today?

The main reason is that the 5th of May is a local celebration held mostly in Mexico. Of you want to see the corresponding Google doodle, you must enter the Mexican version of Google.

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