Is there a product you can buy to make it look like your eyes have blood in them and I'm not talking about contacts. like some sort of liquid product that's made specially for your eye?

The only thing is Kryolan Eye Blood. Expensive at $15 per ounce and very perishable, but it's the only eye blood out there.

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Are there color contacts for astigmatism?

I have worn colored contact lenses for years. I just had an eye appointment this last week. My left eye has toric astigmatism. I inquired about being able to continue wearing colored contacts. I was assured I could continue, as long as they fit on my eye and the doctor was satified with the fit. ...

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How do you make Calvin Harris glasses?

There' 2 ways of making the glasses: 1. Stick sequins onto the sunglasses 2. Stick bubblewrap on the glasses, and then paint it silver x For a more detailed step-by-step description of how to make Calvin Harris Fly Eye Glasses visit: http://paulvelocity.co.uk/tutorial/how-to-make-calvin-harris-f...

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