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Zvonareva: running takes a huge place in my life, and I like it

May 21 Moscow Half Marathon will take place - the second race of Promsvyazbank of the Moscow Marathon. Participants will overcome the circle along the embankments of the capital. Tennis player Vera Zvonareva , ambassador of the Moscow Marathon series of races, spoke about her current life, sports and immediate plans.

- Vera, what the race means to you and how you feel being its ambassador?

- It is a great honor for me, because I myself like to run. Promsvyazbank The Moscow Marathon is the largest running event in the country. And first of all, popularization of a healthy lifestyle and sports in general, so I am very happy to be a part of this movement.

Zvonareva: running takes a huge place in my life, and I like it

Photo: Moskovsky Marathon

- Do you have any favorite distance?

- I run 10 km a lot, because for me it is optimal distance. On the one hand, not quite short, but at the same time not quite long. But when I was in good shape, I really enjoyed running and the half marathon. This is a good load, but heavy, you need to plan your calendar in advance. And you can safely run 10 km every week and have fun.

- As I understand it, an athlete needs serious preparation to compete in the races?

- Of course ... Many of those who take part in the races prepare for the entire winter season, train in the stadiums at least three times a week. Hardly anyone runs less often. Often they train six times a week, or even two workouts a day.

- Do you run in the morning?

- As a morning exercise - not. But I always plan when to run. I don't have a specific routine, I can run during the day, I always start from my schedule and include running workouts. Now it has become a little more problematic, I have a small child at home. Previously, of course, it was possible to adjust the schedule for yourself, but now the family comes first. But I still make sure to set aside time for running.

- Besides tennis, is there a sport you enjoy?

- I think running is my second favorite sport. Because it's easy for the general public. All you need is good running shoes. Any runner should choose comfortable shoes for himself, so as not to get injured, it must be borne in mind that you will have to run on different surfaces. For other sports you need some kind of equipment, a playground. Of course, I like other game sports - hockey, volleyball, but I only do running.

- So you watch hockey and volleyball on TV?

- First of all, of course, tennis. I can watch some interesting football and hockey matches. I like to watch various track and field championships. Other winter sports are also popular with us. I also like beach volleyball. But there are not so many broadcasts, you have to choose what to watch. When I find something interesting, I enjoy watching it.

Zvonareva: running takes a huge place in my life, and I like it

Photo: Moscow Marathon

- In 2016 you became a commentator at Eurosport. How do you feel when you sit in the commentator's booth?

- At first I didn't even know how to orient myself. But when I sit down in the booth, I feel like I'm on the court myself. I'm trying to analyze my opponent's actions. I try from my point of view to tell the viewer about what is happening. I like to share my experience, my view with people. Sometimes it is difficult, because you need to present tennis to the general public without using too much slang that tennis players use in communication. After all, we are watched by both people who understand tennis, and just sports fans who like the game, but they do not understand the nuances. But, nevertheless, I really liked the first experience.

- Do you have sports plans for the future? What place does running take in your life today?

- I love a healthy lifestyle and running. He occupies a huge place in my life, and I love it. At home there are always sports channels on TV. Whenever possible, I go out on the court and play. But for now, family and daughter are in the first place.

- Will you send your child to sports?

- I think she will have to choose herself. I will definitely drive to different sections, if she likes something, I will not prohibit her to engage in any kind of sport at a serious level. But if she says that she doesn't want to go in for sports at all, I will be against it. I'll tell her to do something at least three times a week.

Zvonareva: running takes a huge place in my life, and I like it

Photo: Moscow Marathon

- In 2011, you founded the Rett Syndrome Association. Please tell us what she does and what successes have you already achieved?

- Yes, this is the Association for the Promotion of Patients with Rett Syndrome. This is a genetic disease that mostly affects girls. As a rule, after a year of life, the diagnosis can be identified. Now the main thing for us is information policy. Not many doctors know about this syndrome. They have heard about it, but they don't know how to diagnose and what to do. And, of course, we are trying to create the necessary infrastructure so that parents know where to go and what to do. In 2016, in Kazan, we held a world congress on Rett syndrome. Experts from 15 countries came to it.

We also have a website, we keep statistics that the Ministry of Health does not keep, we help parents, send them information about where to go, what tests to do and what is generally needed ... There was a practice when we paid for the trip and expensive tests for families. Now we have about 200 families from all over Russia. But according to statistics, there should be more. And this is not due to the fact that there are fewer patients in our country, most likely, many simply do not know about this syndrome, they misdiagnose, and accordingly they are treated incorrectly. Many families have made friends with each other, this also helps them. In the future, we plan to build a center for childrenwith rare diseases and provide any possible support.

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