Сколько зарабатывают фигуристы Алина Загитова, Косторная, Медведева, Щербакова, Трусова.

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova are figure skating prima who have delighted fans for the past three years with their technical, and most importantly, beautiful numbers. We are already accustomed to seeing headlines in the spirit of Alina Zagitova breaking the world record or Evgenia Medvedev is back in the ranks. High results and spectacular appearance allowed the girls to go beyond their sport and become recognizable persons even among those who are not interested in figure skating. The champions make millions from promotions and gain the trust of global brands. It is interesting to know how skaters look outside the ice, without makeup and smart costumes.

What Evgeny Medvedev looks like in everyday life

Medvedeva often pleases fans with fresh photos. She is interesting to many precisely as a versatile person who loves anime, the Land of the Rising Sun and Korean music.

A black shadow at dawn

Medvedeva's latest photo excited the public ... The champion's fans took the photo against the backdrop of the Canadian dawn ambiguously.

One of the subscribers even wrote: I only have two questions. Why naked and who filmed? Many are interested in the personal life of an athlete. Last year, the media were full of headlines about Zhenya's possible connection with the Bulgarian singer Christian Kostov. And in the comments under the new photo, they have already begun to sort out the likely chosen ones of the girl. Evgenia succinctly answered those who were interested if she was dressed in the photo:

But the figure skater decided not to answer the question about the relationship. This excited the fans, one of them said: Zhen, we cannot be reassured, we have already changed our orientation.

Some still grasped the essence of the photograph, talked about its aesthetics and confessed their love for the athlete. Moreover, readers not only from Russia left comments: compliments to Medvedeva flew in Spanish and, of course, in English.

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

Suit changing color. What do the most beautiful skater outfits look like?

Shiny dresses are worth their weight in gold, memorable images and those who create them.

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

Like the figure. The most athletic beauties on Instagram

These girls not only look gorgeous, but also share their beauty secrets with subscribers.

Girl with strawberries

The athlete publishes live, cute and simple photos in her account. For example, the post where she picks strawberries really liked the subscribers.

Zhenya appeared before them without makeup, in a feminine dress of dark purple color, doing a simple thing. Many noted the naturalness of the photo and the beauty of the athlete. Not aboutwent on without young people who offered the girl a hand and a heart.

A sleepy look

Medvedeva's page has a lot of photos with toys. On one of them, Zhenya, wrapped in a pink blanket, is holding a unicorn in his hands. This publication, perhaps, caused more emotion than the previous ones. Subscribers were pleased with the glance of the just woken up skater. They wrote: What a beauty !, Our sleepy little bear and You look absolutely beautiful.

Japanese style look

It's no secret that the athlete loves Japan. In the photo, where Zhenya walks the streets of Tokyo, she is dressed in bright informal clothes, traditional for Japanese youth bow. The comments immediately filled up with responses in Japanese. But a small part of subscribers still thought that the girl was more conservative, laconic style characteristic of European fashion.

Training days

It is especially common to see Medvedeva in her athletic form. An inspiring photo of Evgenia sitting against a clear Japanese sky and thinking about starting to practice yoga.

Photos from childhood

And finally, take a look at little Zhenya. She started Instagram in 2013 to see how the girl was growing up.

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

What do the skaters eat and why are they so thin?

As Medvedeva tried to eat flowers, Zagitova stopped drinking water, and Lipnitskaya brought herself to anorexia.

What does Alina Zagitova look like outside the ice?

There are not many live photos on Alina's instagram. Mostly on the social network, she posts advertising posts from major brands. But occasionally an athlete pleases subscribers with photos from everyday life.

Weekend with act-inu

For example, many fans are delighted with the dog Alina, which was presented to her by the Japanese Cleanliness Association. Under the photo, where the skater is hugging a smiling Akita Inu, subscribers wrote compliments to two beauties at once.

Sea Vacation

The male representatives were especially impressed by the shot of an athlete in a swimsuit, and the female audience, perhaps, made them a little envious. It is somewhat unusual to see a figure skater in this form. With this post, Zagitova recalled that she is not just an athlete, but also a beautiful girl. By the way, her appearance was appreciated by her colleague - the Japanese figure skater Daisuke Takahashi. Most of the subscribers reproached Alina for being immodest. People thought that it was uncivilized for an Olympic champion to display photos in a swimsuit.

Victory gesture in a kimono

Where is without Japan? Zagitova too loves Asian culture and even dreams of opening a sushi restaurant. Her Instagram has a lot of photos from the land of the rising sun, but, it should be noted, less than Zhenya. In the photo, Alina is dressed in Japanese clothes - a yukata (almost the same as a kimono, but a little easier.) The athlete shows the traditional gesture masaru poz, which means victory. Including for him the skater is loved by Japanese fans. As for the Russian-speaking audience, many noted that the champion is wearing a kimono. There were also those who accused the girl of being unpatriotic.

Ducks, Chihuahua and the package

Alina's page has a lot of photos with animals. Which is not surprising, because she has a dog, two chinchillas and a cat at home. Once an athlete posted a video in which she feeds ducks x lebom, and Chihuahua is closely watching the process. True, the more attention of commentators was attracted by Alexey Yagudin, who wrote: And by the way, who left the package? The culprit of the video or who else? Let's figure it out !!! You can not do it this way!. Subscribers immediately pounced on the skater, and he was not averse to arguing with them.

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

Ice and film music. Bright performances in women's single skating

Zagitova in the image of the fatal Lara Croft, and Lipnitskaya - a girl in a red coat from Spielberg. How else did the skaters surprise the audience?

Zagitova vs Medvedev: how skaters look in real life

Glamor Award. For which Zagitova was given the title of the athlete of the year

The red ballerina again deservedly stood on top.

Toys from fans

Zagitova posted a photo with presents from Japanese fans that barely fit on her bed. It contained everything from cute socks to makeup. I received so much warmth from you. Thank you, - signed the athlete in three languages.

Drawing in half-strip

Recently, the athlete began to share with fans her hobbies that help her to emotionally relax after a hard day. So, Alina posted a photo in which she draws in an unusual pose.


Few would have guessed that Alina is interested in pottery. The figure skater has published a series of photographs in which she sculpts vases and pots from clay. Subscribers supported the girl's new hobby. What happiness! A talented person who brings any business to the end - everything is on fire, ”one of the fans wrote.

Photo from childhood

And, following a little tradition, we will finish with a child's photo of Alina Zagitova It's amazing how quickly it has grown.

Alina Zagitova Takes a Pause

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