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Zach George is Britain's most powerful man. And once he pumped up for the prefix

In the past, many of us wanted to have game consoles at our disposal. For older generations, it was Dendy or Sega, which later replaced the PlayStation. Children and teenagers were ready for anything to get a brand new console. As a rule, the parents made a deal, and the main condition was good grades at school.

The parents of the British Zach George turned out to be more creative. They told their son that they would not buy a PlayStation until he lost weight. The guy was so carried away that he became the strongest man in the UK according to the CrossFit Games rating and an example for hundreds of thousands of people. Only Adam Bishop, the strongest Briton from another, no less authoritative rating, can compete in coolness with George.

Zach George is Britain's most powerful man. And once he pumped up for the prefix

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McDonald's every day

Zach grew up in the suburbs of Leicester and as a child just loved fast food. By his own admission, the guy went to McDonald's every day after school. If on weekends his parents could somehow control him, then for five weekdays his diet consisted mainly of not very healthy food.

In an interview with The Insider, the Briton admitted that the burgers and fries were not his only sins in food.

An offer that cannot be refused

At some point, parents simply could not close their eyes to what was happening to their beloved son. The teenager's weight exceeded adequate norms. And then they got a great idea. They offered Zach to lose weight in exchange for buying a game console. And not just PlayStation, but PlayStation 2!

The first step was to stop fast food, so now, after school, George had to walk past McDonald's. And also forget about your favorite marmalade sweets. At this stage, weight was lost quite easily, so the parents rewarded their son with the coveted console. Zach was in seventh heaven.

Zach George is Britain's most powerful man. And once he pumped up for the prefix

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Tony Robbins' seminar changed everything

Nevertheless, globally, Zach was not interested in losing weight and did not dream of bringing himself into perfect shape. According to the Briton, he didn't care what he looked like, because he just wanted to get the console. The seminar of the world famous motivational trainer Tony Robbins changed everything. Then the guy wanted to lose weight for himself, not for anyone else.

Zach not only began to play sports in the gym, but also joined the school teams in various sports.

Long-awaited victory

After graduating from school, Zach went to a British university to pursue a diploma as a professional fitness trainer, discovered the UK CrossFit Championship, and realized that one day he wanted to become the champion and strongest man in the country.

George watched videos on YouTube, did a lot, but he did not immediately succeed. the first time he took part in the championship in 2014 and only in 2018 managed to take a worthy sixth place.And this year he won the long-awaited victory, having received the title of the strongest man in Great Britain for at least one year.

Zach George is Britain's most powerful man. And once he pumped up for the prefix

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What's the secret to Zach's workouts?

Zach trains twice a day. He usually does cardio in the morning. Sometimes it can be a 40-minute cycling session, sometimes it is an interval run. After lunch, the load increases. The second workout lasts approximately 2.5 hours, and the main focus shifts to gymnastics and strength training. On Sunday, a Briton usually arranges a fasting day for himself and just swims in the pool.

In contrast most pro athletes do not have a personal trainer for Zach. However, he does not study alone. The guy is sure that by training with other athletes, you can gain motivation and desire to become better.

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