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Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Julia Angel is one of those girls who are usually talked about as a selfmade woman. The message of her company is as honest and simple as possible, all business principles are built on the desire to help people live longer and better. Preventive medicine, innovative cosmetology, biohacking - all these fashionable terms absolutely naturally fit into the philosophy of Enhel Group .

And if a person is 60% water, then let it be water, enriched with hydrogen.

Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Yulia Ankhel

- They say it all starts from childhood. What qualities, important for your work now, were laid even then?

- I was born on the shore of Lake Baikal. And for me, since childhood, Zen Buddhist practices were not an empty phrase. I was insanely interested in everything connected with Japan. Apparently, there is still fate! From an early age I tried to earn money. We shared all the money we received. And then they used ice cream and other children's pranks. The first rubles came easily, so I wanted to work further, reach new and new heights. It seems that this is where my workaholism comes from ( smiles ). Everything else came with time and experience.

- Do you think it is important to tell kids about a healthy lifestyle from childhood, to instill a love of sports? Was there a sport in your childhood, and if so, which one?

- There was a lot of sports in my childhood. Forced. At that time I had problems with weight, so I had to try a lot of things: yoga, Pilates, swimming, video tutorials by Cindy Crawford. When I realized that it worked - of course, in conjunction with proper nutrition - sports began to be fun. Now I cannot live without him. I understand that movement is life. Of course, my case is not typical. But I'm sure every kid can be explained the value of physical activity and the harm of fast food. By example. Just do everything together and do not deviate from the rules, even for a day. Remember - children are copies of us adults!

- How did the history of your brand begin? Was this a well-thought-out plan or just an idea that was put into practice at your own peril and risk?

- The history of ENHEL Group began with a dream to do business with the most innovative country in the world. As an expert, I have always been interested in how the Japanese miracle came about. After World War II, the life expectancy of the Japanese was 55 years. And now 66,000 people are registered in the land of the rising sun, who have crossed the 100-year mark. It was important for me to understand what was so important in the life of the Japanese and why they began to live longer. And most importantly, how can these technologies be applied in Russia.

Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Yulia Ankhel

- Can you remember your first trip to Japan? Why did you like this country so much?

- Japan is an amazing country. And she changed me. Japanese- very specific partners. They are incredibly reserved and reserved. A smile demonstrates politeness, but this does not mean that you are welcome. Well, it just happened for centuries that the Japanese live and work for themselves. No one is in a hurry to share innovations and secrets of longevity with the outside world. But I was able to convince them to try. I promised that we will not radically change anything in the formulas and compositions. Unless we will tailor the products to the European skin type.

- What was the turning point in the negotiations?

- The decisive factor for the Japanese was that we will not save on a scientific basis. I immediately said that I was ready to conduct large-scale and expensive research. In general, my main goal of every trip to the land of the rising sun is to explore all the newest and best technologies. In Japan, I meet with the best scientists, visit the most professional laboratories, discover new factories, and decide how I can adequately replenish the Enhel Beauty collection.

- What, in your opinion, is the most a radical difference between the Japanese and Europeans and Russians in particular?

- I am proud that I am the only Russian woman who can officially work with the Japanese. Now we have worked so well together that we don't even have difficulties in translation. I live in their world, in their values. And sometimes I catch myself thinking that I have changed my attitude towards many things.
I managed to reveal several secrets of the main long-livers of the planet. For example, the theory of nutrition, which was developed by gastroenterologist Hiromi Sinya during his half-century of practice. Its essence is to eat foods rich in enzymes. Simply put, the fresher vegetables, fruits and fish are on your table, the more enzymes they contain that help catalyze all vital processes in the body.

Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Yulia Ankhel

- What do you think, the development of what aspects of life is most relevant for residents of megacities? Many focus on pumping productivity, functionality, endurance. What do you think about this?

- There is a wonderful word in the Japanese language - genke. Translated, this means a lively, cheerful person. I am sincerely convinced that the issue of life expectancy is no longer so acute. But the issue of quality of life is very important. And all together we can make sure that there is as much genke in our country as possible! So, I am working to raise the standard of living of my compatriots. Hydrogen-enriched water and cosmetics, useful biologically active additives, unique methods - all this in a complex works for the result. Our clients get healthy and stop the aging process - comfortably and effectively.

- How do you feel about biohacking?

- I support this movement. Essentially, biohacking is what I do - now in ENHEL WELLNESS SPA DOME . We are implementing a health monitoring system based on a deep analysis of lifeknown indicators. In principle, this is not a treatment, since it is not pathology that brings the patient to us, but the desire to become better. In fact, this is anti-aging medicine.

- But many say that it is very expensive and not everyone can afford it ..

- Believe me, it's not worth it big money, as many opponents of this trend claim. Although, you still have to spend money. After all, these are numerous and multi-stage consultations with specialists, various analyzes, examinations. And after - their decoding. If necessary, you will have to buy medicines, dietary supplements, vitamins, which will have to be drunk for some time. But this is an investment in oneself, rather even an investment in the future. This means the opportunity to become slimmer, more energetic, calmer and happier. Moreover, it is an opportunity to reduce your biological age. Remember that this is not a one-time procedure, but a way of life. It will have to be maintained all the time, otherwise the effect - do not expect!

- You travel a lot, but frequent flights and changes in climate and time zones are not very good for your health. How do you deal with this? What helps you to recover?

- I have a very busy schedule: flights, meetings, negotiations, contracts, red carpet and presentations. Of course, such a cycle is tiresome. But I found a way out - simple and effective. I drink hydrogen-rich water throughout the day. This is a powerful energetic that invigorates, refreshes and maintains overall tone. Plus hydrogen eye patches, masks and a hydrogen salt bath. In the morning and in the evening, I receive an additional dose of this miraculous substance.

Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Julia Ankhel

During constant flights, I also save myself with my products. I always have a portable bottle with me. Its water - enriched with molecular hydrogen - helps keep the body hydrated and neutralizes free radicals from aircraft radiation. To avoid heavy legs, I always wear soft slippers in flight and glue my cooling beauty sheets on my shins. Enhelbottle only needs to be charged like a mobile phone. This is a very convenient and stylish mini-apparatus for hydrogen enrichment of water. In this case, you can use any water! For me, living in two countries, this is very important.

Interesting: Hydrogen-rich water is recognized as the best antioxidant and active agent for rejuvenating body cells. As a result, energy increases, immunity is strengthened, sleep becomes stronger, and the skin becomes more elastic. You can buy it today in the largest stores, restaurants and fitness centers.

- What about food? Do you have any rules to follow?

- I try to eat right. Always, under any circumstances! I start the morning with a glass of hydrogen water. And only half an hour later I have breakfast. The menu includes flaxseed porridge with berries or rye bread with salmon. I try to make breakfast the most voluminous receptionm of food - that's enough energy for the whole day! During the day, I prefer fresh vegetables, rice or quinoa. I love fish - grilled dorada, steamed salmon or tuna salad. For dinner, I usually have chicken, lean beef, my favorite fish, seafood and stewed vegetables. An hour after eating, I drink green tea, which I bring from Japan, and also a drink of matcha - a storehouse of antioxidants. Remember that beauty is created from within.

Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Yulia Ankhel

- The opening of the Enhel Dome was a bright end to last year for you. Tell us about it. Can this product under your leadership be called innovative, what is its fundamental difference from other wellness and spa clubs?

- Yes, we have presented our clients with an excellent gift for the New Year. We offered them an endless journey into harmony ENHEL WELLNESS 360. At any time of the year or day. Our oasis of beauty and health has blossomed in the very center of Moscow. Here, innovative scientific technologies for rejuvenating the body and the practice of oriental medicine are merged, the unique experience of which was obtained as a result of many years of research and the search for intimate knowledge and ancient methods of rejuvenation of various exotic countries of the East and continental Europe.

I want to emphasize that all doctors of our House have been trained at the Tokyo Anti-Age Institute and are certified specialists. We also recently opened a hydrogen museum there. And our absolute hit is hydrogen inhalations, where a guest can get in shape in just 20 minutes and significantly reduce oxidative stress.

What is hydrogen inhalation? We are the only ones in Russia who practice this technique. Receiving hydrogen with drinking water, in the form of inhalations, hydrogen baths, the body heals: aging processes slow down; there is a positive trend in the treatment of chronic diseases; the toxic effect of drugs, nicotine, alcohol and unfavorable environmental factors is reduced; strengthens the immune system; the effectiveness of medicines and cosmetic procedures increases, the risk of developing allergic reactions decreases; metabolic processes are improved, which contributes to rapid weight correction.
Yulia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

Photo: From the personal archive of Julia Ankhel

- What do you think, in addition to beauty treatments and treatments, can help a person get in shape or maintain their body in an ideal healthy body?

- I am convinced that beauty and health are inseparable from physical activity. In the Enhel Wellness Spa Dome fitness room, workouts are individually planned using the latest generation of Technogym equipment - stylish, modern, easy to use and highly effective.

Technogym - a leader in the global Wellness industry, since 2000 the official deliveryequipment manager at seven Olympic Games, partner of many sports teams and clubs (Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Inter, PSG, etc.).

- What motivates you?

- Moving forward is what is important for me personally. Under any circumstances, in any weather and in any conditions. All that I have achieved is the result of my desire to grow and develop. Remember that water does not flow under a lying stone.

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