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You're only better: 8 tips from a fitness guru

Last weekend, the closing of the month dedicated to women's sports took place at the adidas BASEMOSCOW site in Gorky Park. One weekend we managed to attend an open lecture by the five-time champion of Russia, the absolute champion of Europe, the champion of the tournament Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, the Honored Master of Sports of Russia and the owner of the title Miss Figure Olympia 2015 Yulia Ushakova . In our selection, we have collected 8 thoughts from Julia, each of which can help to reconsider the attitude to the training process and the transition to proper nutrition.

Fast is not good

In theory, you can always achieve fast result, but you must understand that quick results are a big sacrifice for your health. Everything that happens in the long term: daily training, systemic transition to proper nutrition - it will stay with you much longer.

You're only better: 8 tips from a fitness guru

Photo : Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Healthy foundation

Always try to send your children to sports at an early age. I have been involved in sports all my life and now, even in a kind of relaxed state, I feel this foundation and this base. It is much easier for a person in whose life sports is constantly present to regain their shape.

Artificial stress

If a person just eats, exercises and cannot gain muscle mass in any way, then this scheme does not work , then you need some kind of stress. You just need to turn on your head and come up with something unexpected. That the body cannot understand in any way. For example, go on a diet, on a regular protein-fat diet for a couple of weeks. After that, again give him the opportunity to eat everything that the person ate before. And when your body gets very scared for a couple of weeks and decides that the times have come when you can only eat breast, and then relax, it will finally begin to digest food correctly.

You're only better: 8 tips from a fitness guru

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Laws of the body

Our body always obeys two simple laws: inertia - sometimes you need to push yourself to something, go through difficult times, get used to and then the process will start and continue to work independently, and compensation - everything that you do not receive in certain periods of your life is fully compensated for in the future.

A diet that will change you

In general, I believe that people who have gone on a diet at least once will never be the same. And if, in principle, there is no strong need for you to lose weight, it is better not to begin to severely limit yourself. Because everything that you do not receive during this period, your body will necessarily compensate itself. Any carbohydrate calorie will start to work against you.

You're only better: 8 tips from a fitness guru

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

See the measure

Always try to listen to meclose ones. Perhaps you are not as fat as you think, and this is just a problem of lack of harmony with your body.

This is not your bone wide

Fat is not only that, then under your skin, not only that which “crawls out” in unnecessary places. Fat is also the substance that sits between the organs and helps to cushion the internal organs when we run, jump, hit, or even just move. The amount of fat can only be adjusted by eating right.

Food junk

The most important thing is to eliminate all fast food from the diet. If you want a beautiful body, you have to put up with it.

You're only better: 8 tips from a fitness guru

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

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