Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth

Your porridge, sir: five misconceptions about breakfast

Misconception # 1 - eating breakfast will help you eat less during the day

Actually: eating in the morning does not reduce appetite during the day.

Research from the University of Missouri has proven that breakfast, especially when included in the first meal of a meal high in protein, increases the level of dopamine in the blood. And dopamine is responsible in our body for the feeling of satisfaction and satiety. In theory, your appetite should decrease throughout the day. But the research of scientists shows us an ideal picture of the world. Three meals a day are not enough for many people, they constantly need some kind of energy (carbohydrate) snack, the reason for this may be stress, hard physical work, chronic lack of sleep and much more. In this case, one breakfast will not reduce appetite. Therefore, you should not rely only on the first meal, it is much more important to correctly distribute the amount of calories consumed for the whole day in order for the body to be saturated gradually.

Your porridge, sir: five misconceptions about breakfast

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Misconception # 2 - Be sure to eat before morning workout

Actually: cardio and brief strength training can be done on an empty stomach.

Everything is ambiguous here. Many joggers and even professional athletes are used to doing their first morning workout on an empty stomach. Doctors and scientists on this matter agree on one thing: if the physical activity is not too high, then breakfast can be safely skipped so as not to feel discomfort and heaviness while running or morning exercises. However, if you understand that you have serious strength training or a very energy-intensive workout in the water, then it is better to replace the hearty morning breakfast with a snack. This can be a carbohydrate bar, banana, or sugar tea. In any case, you need to build on your personal preferences.

Misconception # 3 - breakfast will help you lose weight

In fact: breakfast does not guarantee that within day you will eat less than usual.

Not so long ago, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study that showed that for people whose goal is to lose weight, it doesn't really matter whether they eat breakfast right after waking up or skip their first meal. The study involved healthy, overweight people. After 16 weeks, researchers found that those subjects who ate in the morning were not more successful in losing weight. Thus, it can be concluded that the presence or absence of breakfast is not a key factor in weight loss. Its composition is of greater importance. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is not enough just to start eating breakfast. It is much more important to pay due attention to exactly what you eat and how regularly.

Your porridge, sir: five misconceptions about breakfast

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Misconception # 4 - porridge bFast cooking is harmful

Actually: not all instant cereals are harmful.

Almost all instant cereals contain a lot of sugar - this is their biggest disadvantage. Despite this, do not forget that the cereals themselves are rich in fiber, which improves the composition of the intestinal microflora, helps digest food, and at the same time reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. In order to benefit from instant porridge, carefully study the composition of the mixture and calculate the calorie content of your portion.

Your porridge, sir: five misconceptions about breakfast

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Misconception # 5 - breakfast is the most important meal

Actually: it is important to properly distribute your diets throughout the day, and do not eat the entire norm at breakfast.

We have already said that if you want to lose weight, it doesn't matter how many times you eat - two or more. The important thing is the amount of calories consumed per day and the quality of the food (their composition). Therefore, breakfast can hardly be called the most important meal of the day, because both lunch and dinner, and timely snacks are also necessary for our body.

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