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Your lifestyle. What will the new section be like?

This section is about the desire to be not only an observer of big sporting events, but also about how to become their active participant. Those who find sport in everything that surrounds him and are not afraid to try. Now our reader is the main character we want to see and hear. We want him to not only read about the exercises, but also try to repeat them, not only flip through the interviews, but also get inspired by them and go out for the first morning run of his life.

Your lifestyle. What will the new section be like?

Photo: Moscow Marathon Archive

For whom are we creating this section?

For those who loves fitness and spends every evening in the gym, achieving their goals.

For those who prefer a taxi to walk home, or for those who, leaving the subway, get on their favorite board in an attempt not be late for a meeting.

For those who start running on Monday mornings every spring.

For those who firmly believe that we create our own life step by step.

How will it be?

Helpful. Practical advice from professional athletes, expert opinion from coaches, doctors and nutritionists, honest reviews of events, sites and gadgets for fitness.

Universal. Exercise for athletes -the professionals in your daily workout. Programs that suit everyone. Sports can be different, we will show it from a different perspective.

Relevant. Running and fitness, urban and extreme amateur sports. We will tell you about what the whole world is watching and about what sports rentals the public opinion is riveted to.

Championat Lifestyle. Your lifestyle deserves to be talked about.

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