I Drank Cucumber Juice for 7 Days And This Is What Happened

You have 20 days left: New Year's Eve detox

The New Year is getting closer, which means that there is less and less time to put your figure in order before the holidays. In this case, detox diets are the ideal solution. Detoxification is based on a complete rejection of harmful products, the main diet is made up of raw vegetables, green smoothies and smoothies, fresh juices, legumes and cereals with minimal heat treatment. Such emergency diets help remove waste and toxins from the body, and also save you extra pounds. Here are some of the most effective detox diet options in our selection.

If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before starting a detox diet!

Detox Diet 3 Days

Day One

Breakfast Whole Grapefruit
Lunch Cooked brown rice with any boiled vegetables
Afternoon tea 1/2 banana, kiwi and sour apple smoothie
First Dinner Fruit salad of kiwi, apple, grapes and pineapple. Lemon juice as a dressing
Second Dinner Boiled egg, glass of thyme tea

Day Two

Breakfast Natural yoghurt with cereal and dried apricots
Lunch Lentil soup
Snack Two small oranges
First Dinner Mixed leafy vegetable salad with cucumbers, carrots and dill olive oil dressing
Second Dinner A glass of fermented baked milk 2.5%

Day Three

Breakfast Freshly squeezed apple juice
Lunch Vegetable Soup
Afternoon tea Low fat cottage cheese with prunes
First Dinner Oatmeal
Second Dinner Boiled beetroot and fresh cabbage salad
You have 20 days left: New Year's Eve detox

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7 Day Detox Diet

Monday Drink only liquids - green tea, water, not-squeezed fruit juices
Tuesday Add fruits containing soft fiber: apricots, mangoes, peaches, plums
Wednesday Add raw vegetables (herbs, fennel, salads)
Thursday Add rice and boiled vegetables (carrots, cauliflower)
Friday Add the nuts
Saturday Add cereals and yoghurts
Sunday Add the fish

9 detox rules from French nutritionist Henri Chenot

● Increase sleep time: go to bed p

● Take Vitamin C, Prebiotics and Amino Acids
● Choose the Right Detox Menu for You
● Tune your body and mind to detox: Smile!
● If you have time, have a SPA detox treatment
● Drink a special detox cocktail

Detox cocktail: grind carrot and beet juice in a blender (respectively 300 and 100 ml), add a mixture of mashed cabbage - cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, plain or broccoli - 60 ml, chopped barley sprouts - 3 teaspoons and 4 cloves of garlic. The mixture can be drunk every two to three hours, one glass for three days.

● After detox, return to your usual diet smoothly
● Detoxify no more than once a month
● Everything in moderation : optimal time for a detox diet is 3 to 7 days

You have 20 days left: New Year's Eve detox

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New Year according to the rules

But, putting yourself in order before the holidays, in the New Year itself you should adhere to some rules so as not to lose the results of hard work in one evening:

1. Eat before the meal. The festive table is not a reason not to limit yourself in food. 3 hours before the start of the celebration, have a light snack, and just before the feast, drink a glass of water and eat an apple.

2. While preparing the dishes for the holiday table, chew gum. It is unlikely that during this you will want to have a snack with smoked sausage or a couple of spoons of Olivier.

3. Alcohol or food? Fans of the feast prefer everything together and more. But we all know the risks of drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, so it's best to eat a light, low-fat food before hearing glasses clink.

You have 20 days left: New Year's Eve detox

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Learn more

If you have some free time during the pre-holiday bustle, do not be lazy to read the books of world famous dietitians to learn more about detox and its properties:

● Karen Fischer - Detox Plan. What to eat to look beautiful and healthy
● Brooke Alpert - Sugar Detox
● Henri Chenot - Detox

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You have 20 days left: New Year's Eve detox

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