Sophie Tucker - I Don't Want To Get Thin

You don't have to be thin to be happy and popular.

Comedian Celeste Barber is one hundred percent Instagram star. 35-year-old mom from Sydney became famous thanks to very accurate and life-like parodies of pretentious photos of celebrities and fitons on the web. The main idea that Celeste wants to convey to her subscribers is that learning to love yourself and your body, laughing at your shortcomings in time is sometimes much more important than sitting on long and exhausting diets and coming to the body of your dreams, but not becoming happier from reaching the ultimate goal.

At the same time, she does not agitate her fans to abandon the gym or rush to the nearest fast food. Celeste just hints that you shouldn't pay attention to too glossy and perfectly retouched photos on the web. Indeed, in everyday life we ​​are all not perfect, but this does not prevent us from finding our zest, to love and accept ourselves for who you are.

In her parodies, the girl often challenges celebrities to battle.

Tries to do splits or does not perform well.

Attempts to master aquaflet.

Dances like popular videos of fitness babies in one underwear and with a mug of hot tea, hinting at how a good morning really goes for more than half of the female population.

Mastering home yoga as interpreted by a teapot.

Or jumping rope, seeing off the hot summer.

Maybe these Videos won't make you go on a diet or go for hard cardio, but they can definitely bring a smile. But a smile, in turn, also prolongs life, do not forget! Love yourself, and then any result will be achievable.

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