Making Hand Sanitizer with Vodka. Be Careful!

You don't even need vodka! How to make a hand sanitizer at home

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, medical masks and sanitizers - antibacterial gels for hand disinfection, became the undisputed sales leaders. Using a sanitizer will kill bacteria and viruses. According to experts, some alcohol-based medical antiseptics are more effective than the usual washing of hands with soap.

You don't even need vodka! How to make a hand sanitizer at home

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WHO recommendations and expert opinion.

In connection with measures to prevent infection with coronavirus in pharmacies and stores, there has been an unprecedented excitement around sanitizers. Buy hand sanitizer? Now this is not easy to do, because antiseptic gels instantly disappear from the shelves, and prices for this product are creeping up in conditions of great demand.

However, you should not despair, because there is an excellent way out - to make a hand sanitizer with your own hands! It's actually not that difficult.

How to make a sanitizer at home?

The advantages of making an antibacterial gel at home are obvious. You can make any amount of antiseptic, and its cost will be significantly lower than the factory counterpart. And most importantly, the ingredients for the sanitizer are quite affordable and are not in short supply.

You don't even need vodka! How to make a hand sanitizer at home

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Rules that everyone should know.

The main component of an antiseptic is ethyl alcohol, the content of which should be in the range from 60 to 80%. Many are interested in: can vodka be used as an antiseptic? No, since the strength of vodka is 40 degrees.

Recipe for a medical antiseptic with your own hands

Preparing a sanitizer with your own hands on the recommendation of the World Health Organization. To do this, you need to purchase :

  • ethyl alcohol solution;
  • glycerin;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Also we need :

  • syringe;
  • funnel;
  • a spray bottle or any container with a dispenser;
  • boiled water.

Pour 5 ml of glycerin into a clean dry container using a syringe without a needle. Then add 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide with a syringe. Pour 300 ml of alcohol and 40 ml of boiled or distilled water through a funnel. If you use an alcohol solution with an alcohol content of 70-80%, then you need to take 340 ml. In this case, you do not need to add water. We screw the container with a nozzle with a dispenser or spray, shake thoroughly and leave for half an hour so that all the components of the antibacterial gel mix properly.
A hand sanitizer at home is ready. The use of such a solution will help ensure reliable hand disinfection and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Health expert and science journalist Boris Tsatsulin shared on his instagram another recipe for an antiseptic that can be made at home. We will need:

  • mixing utensils, preferably glass;
  • measuring cup or spoon;
  • isopropyl alcohol at least 60%;
  • aloe vera gel;
  • select quality essential oils to smell delicious.

Mix alcohol and aloe vera in a ratio of about 2/1. If 6 tablespoons of alcohol, then 3 tablespoons of aloe vera. Possible sediment does not affect the properties. Add some oil, mix again, pour into a jar with a dispenser - voila! Do not rinse off the antiseptic. Do not forget about hygiene of the area under the nails. Periodically apply cream to your hands to avoid dryness - alcohol can dry out your skin.

You don't even need vodka! How to make a hand sanitizer at home

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How To Make Hand Sanitiser - Using VODKA!!!

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