HIIT BEYOND | LES MILLS GRIT x Reebok 30-minute HIIT workout

You can't force Mills: exercises you want to repeat

The wave that is gradually covering all the world's sports clubs is getting bigger. The Les Mills program appeared at the end of the last century, and today it has about 15 different directions.
At the Reebok Festival last weekend we met the coach and the ambassador Kayleigh Jack , who showed us her favorite exercises.

One of my favorite exercises in BodyCombat is the side kick jump. The impact works great for the gluteal muscles and the back of the thigh. The jump increases this tension at times. Here you feel like a tough guy who wins any fight.

Les Mills Grit is a high intensity interval workout. A cool exercise is speed skating. It is ideal for making the buttocks look nice and firm. Is there anyone who doesn't want a great back view?

SH'BAM is primarily about dancing. It is important to allow yourself to release everything that is inside you. I love to connect my hips. So I immediately sync with the beat, catch the beat, and immerse myself in the music.

In Les Mills bodybalance I particularly like the pushing of waves from Tai ji. Plunging into the very essence of this art is very calming. This exercise helps me to look inside myself, feel my body and regain my breathing after training. '

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