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You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

Last Saturday was the beginning of the official non-working week. This measure was taken by the government to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus in our country. However, many Russians disdained quarantine measures and did not resort to self-isolation. They went outside to enjoy the good weather, have a picnic with friends, or stroll through the crowded city center.

You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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This behavior caused outrage among more conscious citizens, including representatives of the domestic show business. Actors, performers, journalists and TV presenters began to urge subscribers to be aware and take care not only of themselves, but also of those around them. Some Russian stars expressed their dissatisfaction very expressively, while others approached the matter with enviable creativity.

Alexander Gudkov and Ivan Urgant

The top officials of the Evening Urgant show wrote a song called Self-isolation and filmed a TikTok-style clip on it. He argues that quarantine is not always boring. To the singing of Gudkov and Urgant's recitative, the stars of Russian show business demonstrate what they do at home. Netizens watched the everyday life of Lolita, Philip Kirkorov, Masha Minogarova, Timati, Nastya Ivleeva, Irina Sheik, Ilya Sobolev and other public figures.

Later Urgant separately addressed the viewers on the air of his show. And this time - seriously. The TV presenter urged Russians to monitor hygiene, take care of the elderly and leave the house as little as possible. Indeed, only by remembering the main thing, we can overcome the difficult situation in which our country and the whole planet have got.

Larisa Guzeeva

But the actress and host of the show Let's get married didn't choose concise and gentle phrases to express dissatisfaction with the behavior of Russians.

Guzeeva emphasized that she was driving in her own car and was even afraid to open the window, because now it is dangerous both for herself and for other people. Indeed, during the incubation period, when the coronavirus does not manifest itself in any way and a person feels healthy, he can infect others. The TV presenter added that if you are bored at home, then you need to be able to find a way to occupy yourself and your loved ones, without leaving the threshold of the apartment.


Feduk musician did not remain indifferent to the current situation ... FROMwalking in slippers and pajamas, he played the piano and sang the song We are sitting at home, we are in quarantine. The contractor stressed that, first of all, he is afraid for his relatives and thinks about their safety. And when the pandemic subsides, we will all be able to see each other again - we just need to be patient a little.

You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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AND now even more actively encourages its fans not to leave the house.


The singer hastened to share her pain from the attitude of many residents of Russia to the coronavirus. Valeria reproached people for considering quarantine as an additional opportunity to have fun and hang out.

The singer urged subscribers to stay at home and only go out when absolutely necessary: ​​if work does not allow or if you need to go to a store or pharmacy. The artist believes that this is the only way we can avoid the Italian scenario and help the healthcare system cope with the influx of patients.

Iosif Prigogine

The husband of the singer Valeria, music producer Joseph Prigogine, also did not keep silent. The man asked the audience to show consciousness and civic responsibility. To do this, you need to quickly sit at home and seek help from doctors in the presence of symptoms of the disease. Otherwise, our country will need a much longer quarantine, from which it will be difficult to get out.

Victoria Lopyreva

The TV presenter culturally asked the Russians to stay in quarantine and take care of their health. In her opinion, if we do not comply with the necessary measures and become carriers of the virus, medical workers will not be able to cure such a huge number of patients. And there are simply not enough artificial lung ventilation devices for all seriously ill patients.

Dima Bilan

During quarantine, Bilan decided to recall the past years of his career and review old videos, sing Believe me to the accordion and rummage in things long forgotten in the attic. The singer asked subscribers not to leave their homes and find useful ways to spend time. And for him, isolation is a reason to open a lot of old new.

Vladimir Pozner

The journalist and TV presenter said that for quite a long time Is in isolation. Except for the one day a week when you need to go to Ostankino and work on the program. Posner fears that many Russians will perceive the non-working week as a signal to Walk! Vladimir urged the audience not to do this and try to understand that being at home is not bad During this time, you can disassemble the rubble, read, watch TV shows together, feel your home and, most importantly, protect yourself and others.

You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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Dmitry Guberniev

The commentator could not contain his emotions when he described the real picture of the Moscow quarantine. The townspeople do not even try to isolate themselves, enjoy the good weather and continue to have fun in large companies in public places.

The Turkish Soprano

The female music group informed subscribers that they were forced to go to a weekly quarantine in their entirety ... The girls kindly asked the Russians to stay at home, listen to good music and think positively. After all, they are sure that in the end everything will be fine.

Vera Brezhneva

To inspire subscribers, singer Vera Brezhneva decided to slightly alter the chorus of her own song Love will save the world and performed it while sitting on sofa with husband Konstantin Meladze.

Nadezhda Babkina

The Russian singer once again reminded the audience that what is happening in the country is no longer a joke. According to Babkina, we are all now fighting and testing ourselves for the ability to unite to fight the virus. Home quarantine is the best way to help with this situation. In addition, during self-isolation, you can take a break from public places, sort out your wardrobe and talk with relatives.

Nadezhda also turned to people of age. The artist advised them to strengthen the immune system and select the right products for this.

You can't be so irresponsible! The stars expressed their opinion on self-isolation

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