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You can learn yoga all your life. We will tell you where to start

The main snowboarding event of this spring, Quiksilver New Star Camp , will take place very soon, within which you can not only close the season in the company of reckless like-minded people, but also just relax in the mountains. The program has many activities planned from Roxy. Daily yoga workouts are a must. After all, rest without yoga is a waste of money, and mountains are not mountains, if you do not meet the dawn on them in a good mood and with a charge of vigor for the coming day.

You can learn yoga all your life. We will tell you where to start

Photo: Quiksilver New Star Camp

Every day, yoga has more and more fans who want to know the whole mystery and depth of Indian teachings. What is so special about it, and how can applying spiritual practices really help you become better? Let's figure it out together with the yoga instructor Yoga_method Mikhey Pavlov .

Full name: Pavlov Mikhail Borisovich
Also known as Micah
Hobbies: photography, rock climbing, motorcycle tourism
Ski and snowboard instructor.
Practice experience: 11 years of personal practice,
4 years of pilgrimage, teaching yoga for 7 years.
Lives and works between India, Moscow, Egypt and Crimea.

- Mikhail, you came to yoga after an injury in the mountains. Why yoga, and not any other teaching?
- At that time my wife was one of the first yoga therapists in Russia. She rehabilitated me, so I didn't have much choice ( smiles ). It was exclusively in the form of therapy and rehabilitation after injury. Then yoga pulled me in, and then it went on and on.

- What is most attractive to you in yoga?
- The most attractive in yoga is its goals and transformation, which happens to people. Positive influences at the level of the body, at the level of consciousness. This, I believe, is the most important thing in yoga.

- What yoga for you? Is it more related to sports or spiritual enlightenment? Maybe this is the perfect balance of control of your body and mind?
- For me, this is a spiritual path. I myself have not been doing yoga gymnastics for several years, now completely different practices have gone. As for the perfect balance, I think you are partially correct. This is a fairly versatile move in which you can invest a lot. There will be a balance, of course, but yoga has slightly different goals.

- How did you come to teaching? What prompted you to teach yoga to other people?
- It was an external request. I started teaching 18 years ago. We were few, the community was small, so they just asked me. It was interesting and then there were no courses, we learned from each other from books, on everything else. There was simply a group of peoplethey were interested in this topic.

- Is there something unique in your teaching style?
- We have a balance between traditional yoga gymnastics, which has been formed over the past 100 years , and modern fitness trends. This is an attempt to explain in modern language some things that have existed for centuries. We have many features, but it is this practice that allows us to preserve traditions and explain it to people.

- Is it necessary to adhere to any diet in this practice? If so, which one? Diet, restrictions, a ban on a certain type of food?
- There are two approaches: modern and classic. The modern approach says to choose what suits you, and it should be as effective as possible. The classic approach involves adherence to a vegetarian diet, and this is totally unambiguous. There is a vegan diet, a raw food diet. In general, vegetarian. This is due to a certain yoga philosophy. If we follow the classic approach, then we choose vegetarianism, if modern, then we choose everything that is most effective so that our practice is the most effective. As a rule, many come to vegetarianism, begin to give up meat, rough and toxic food. This is a natural question. Nobody insists on this, and I certainly don't insist. Everyone decides for himself.

- What is the most difficult for you? Have you encountered difficulties while mastering yoga?
- For me personally, the most difficult thing in yoga is to maintain a balance between social life and the life of a yogi, from which philosophy is formed. I only had problems with injuries at the time of the beginning of development. Bad habits also interfered, so I also had to fight with them. I had to cleanse my body. But my primary concern was to survive and walk on my own feet without crutches.

- Why do many yogis call mountains a place of power? What does this concept mean to you? How to determine your place of power?
- Traditionally, these were places of hermitism. Where there were no people, where you could hide from prying eyes. Because on the plains there was quite a stormy life activity, and in the mountains it was possible to take care of oneself, one's body, transformation, and spirit. There is also an element of hypoxia in the mountains at altitudes, which yogis actively used in their practices. It is much easier to achieve results in the mountains. It was convenient in terms of practice. Teachers are traditionally sent to places of power. That is, the teacher tells you to pack your things and go there. Well, you are going there.

- You have traveled to Southeast Asia. Did you acquire knowledge and skills there? What exactly did you learn?
- Yes, I just traveled to different places where Indian practitioners live with interesting traditions. But there were not only Indian yogis, there were also Nepalese, American, European. I communicated with them and absorbed everything like a sponge. Everything is interesting to you. When information became availablefor sure, I've already done other things.

- Name a few of your favorite asanas. Why exactly they?
- My favorite asanas are forward bends from any position. Standing, sitting, all options. Another inverted asana, because it has a very beneficial effect on the body and mind. It is called inversion.

- Do you plan to develop further in yoga? Do you have any idea about the future?
- Yes, definitely. After some time, I want to move to India and stay to live there. I want to keep learning. You can learn yoga all your life. It is also important to be close to the mentor here. I wish there were more such moments in life.

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