You can do more: 5 facts about the 2018 Paralympics

Paralympics is a long and long way of an athlete, psychological overcoming, an unequal fight with external factors and physical capabilities. Every athlete who represented our country at these competitions is already a hero. Each of them has a difficult fate and a strong story behind them that can motivate many. Not so long ago, the movie From the bottom of the summit was released, based on the real story of the Paralympian Alexei Moshkin. This film is another opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Paralympics and understand how ambiguous and dramatic an athlete's path to these competitions can be.

In our selection we have collected just a few facts, each of which is an excellent reason to start admiring the courage of our team.

You can do more: 5 facts about the 2018 Paralympics

Photo: Championship

  • In biathlon competitions, athletes from Russia took first place in the medal standings, winning 5 gold, 5 silver and one bronze medals.
  • The Paralympics in Pyeongchang became the 4th in a row, in which the Russian skier and biathlete Anna Milenina was able to win a gold medal. Previously, she managed to win gold at the Paralympics in 2006, 2010 and 2014.
  • From the very beginning of its participation in the Paralympics, the Russian national team has never been left without medals in cross-country skiing, at the Paralympics in Pyeongchang it continued this tradition.
  • During the entire Winter Paralympics-2018, Russian athletes managed to win 24 medals: 8 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze.
  • At the Winter Paralympics in PyeongChang, the Russian team again entered the top three national teams in terms of the number of Olympic medals won, taking 2nd place.

We are proud of our Paralympians, it is such people who help us understand the full value of life. Enjoy every day and spend it in motion!

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