You Can Bend: The Real Irena Ponaroshku

Irena Ponaroshku is a well-known TV presenter, journalist, and now a popular blogger, traveler, mom, yogini and vegetarian. Someone noticed her recently after she appeared in the studio of Evening Urgant, someone with trepidation read her column in OK magazine for ten years, for sure there are those who follow the work of the ironic beauty from that moment, when she first appeared on the MTV channel.

Anyway, today Ponaroshku has about a million followers on Instagram, with whom she willingly shares the secrets of her success. The TV presenter is seriously and for a long time carried away by yoga, trains a lot and practices vegetarianism with her family. On his pages in social networks, Ponaroshku tells readers about a healthy lifestyle, answers all subscribers' questions, jokes a lot, and every week helps to raise money for children who need urgent surgery.

# Cutletic Body Type

Now Irena is actively involved in sports and takes care of her diet, but the TV presenter admitted that this was not always the case. As a child, she was not a sports child and did not particularly like physical education at school. At one of the scheduled medical examinations, the doctor thought that Irena had serious heart problems, although later, the diagnosis turned out to be untrue, this became a turning point and changed the girl's attitude towards herself and her body. In one of her posts, the TV presenter told that at the age of 17 her dad gave her a subscription to a fitness club, and this was the beginning of her passion for power and cardio exercises.

In addition to her usual gym sessions, Irena loves to ride a bike. She often talks about how the bike makes her happy.

In 2011, Irena's son, Seraphim, was born. The boy takes an example from his parents and goes in for sports. He actively trains with his mother from an early age.

Popular hobbies in Irena's arsenal Pretend love for surfing and swimming.


Irena and her husband share the philosophy of vegetarians. The TV presenter herself is lacto-vegetarian, she does not eat meat or fish, but uses dairy products and wears leather clothes, although in general she tries to buy things from ethical materials.

The host's son is only six years old, however, despite his young age, he himself decided to become a vegetarian, like his parents. From childhood, Seraphim did not eat animal food. Irena says thatif her son ever wants to try meat, then she and her husband, of course, will not mind it. Many subscribers of the TV presenter were interested in how a boy can eat right without animal food, as well as how it replaces meat in a child's diet. Recently Irena published her son's diet, which shows that Seraphim does not stay hungry, his diet includes various cereals, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Fortunately, Ponaroshku's son is in good health and the child is practically not sick. Perhaps all this is thanks to the hardening system that her personal doctor recommended. The whole family sleeps at a certain temperature: +18 degrees Celsius. After becoming a habit, Irena confessed that all family members stopped getting sick.

# SquirrelOletyaga

Irena Ponaroshku travels a lot, but despite this, Thailand remains her favorite place. The whole family prefers to spend winter there. Irena does not have her own property in Tai, but she really likes the infrastructure and the Thai lifestyle. The TV presenter has been going there for almost 10 years in the winter months, by her own admission, Tae has absolutely everything you need: parties, children and nannies, yoga teachers and even a nail artist.

The host's son also likes Tai, Seraphim looks forward to the New Year holidays every year. Firstly, because of the gifts, but also because of the upcoming trip to Thailand. Irena says that the boy feels like a fish in water there, literally and figuratively.

Besides Tay, Irena Ponaroshku travels to Bali. There she not only rests, but also actively trains and does yoga.

#You can bend

Now the TV presenter is actively engaged in yoga, although the love for asanas did not come immediately. Previously, she believed that yoga was boring, slow and preferred strength training. Everything changed after meeting with her future husband. The TV presenter started practicing 2-3 times a week and finally understood what yoga is and what it is for.

Irena admits that thanks to yoga, she has become stronger physically and spiritually. The son tries to keep up with his mother. Seraphim also loves to do yoga, which the host herself told about in her microblog.

# Doctor Khryusheva

Irena Ponaroshku always actively answers the questions of her subscribers about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, about her son and much more. She shares important events. He even helps his subscribers to do haircuts at the right time, publishes favorable dates and hours on his pageaccording to the lunar calendar, when you can have a good haircut.

Irena often shares interesting articles about nutrition and health. For example, a host recently recommended an article on iron deficiency in the body, which can cause hair loss and fatigue.

In her own opinion, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and an attentive attitude to your daily routine are enormous sources of energy.

When you eat right, exercise a lot, get up early, then the number of hours in days seems to be increasing!

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