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You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project

You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project

Get in shape in 30 days. Special editorial project

Individual meal plans and training for every taste and budget - we prepare together with our heroes for the beach season.

As part of our special project Get in shape in 30 days we turned to the nutritionist of the World Class fitness club chain Maria Ratnikova in order to answer the most common questions regarding weight loss and the transition to proper nutrition.

FAQ. Top most common questions at a nutritionist appointment

What should you eat at night in order not to get fat?

It is better not to eat at night. There are almost no serious restrictions. You should not eat easily digestible carbohydrates, sugar two hours before bedtime, in some nutrition programs. Everything here is very individual. If you really want, then let it be any protein product of a small volume (a little cottage cheese, chicken breast).

How to correctly calculate your norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates? Is a diet based on BJU effective or not?

There are two basic rules. You need to consider the energy balance, how much you eat and how much you spend. If you are losing weight, then there should be a small deficit. There are standard calculation formulas, but everything is also conditional. You need to calculate for each individually. If you calculate on your own, you can use the formula: 1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight and 1 g of fat per 1 kg of body weight.

Where should the right breakfast start?

Good question. There are many opinions. Someone says that porridge is best in this case, someone says that proteins. The main rule of breakfast is to have it. You must eat within an hour after waking up.

You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project


What could be the reason that the weight is worth?

A lot of reasons. It often happens that the main rules are not followed. For example, the balance of BJU and calorie deficit are not observed. If everything is correct - a question for training. Intensity and frequency play a big role. But sometimes it also happens that a person is intensively engaged in the gym, but at the same time leads a sedentary lifestyle. It does not happen that all the rules are followed, training and nutrition are selected correctly, and the weight is worth it. Still so often happens due to lack of sleep (stress reaction) of the body. Because of this, we lose muscle, not fat. But fat, on the contrary, accumulates.

Is there a drinking norm or is it a myth?

How much water does an average person need to drink and how to calculate your rate? 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight is the standard rate. Without taking into account the water that is in the products, and without taking into account the training process. Drink as much as you want during exercise.

What do you think about the effectiveness of detox programs and how effective are they really? What is detox?

All detox programs are rich in fruits, vegetables and greenand, they are based on natural dietary fiber. It helps the gastrointestinal tract to function properly. You can apply these programs and include in your diet, but it is better not to overdo it. Why are they so popular? Because they guarantee super-cleansing of the body, this is, to put it mildly, exaggerated. The effect of them, of course, is, but not the same as on the Internet.

You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva - Championship

Should we give up sweets completely? Or is a chocolate bar in the morning not a problem?

It all depends on the goals. If you want to lose weight, you can eat anything, given the deficit and balance. But, as a rule, the goals are different. Reorganize qualitatively and keep the result. You don't just need to make a diet plan you can / cannot, you need to change your lifestyle. This will give a good and stable result, so I would not recommend eating sweets.

There is an opinion that dairy products can cause a person to swell a lot. Should you completely eliminate dairy products from your diet if you are on a diet?

Everything is good in moderation. If there is lactose intolerance, then these people should not eat dairy products. Often these people may be concerned about an upset stomach rather than allergic edema. The question is rather not whether to eat or not, but how much and when. On my own I will add that the harm of milk is greatly exaggerated. Nothing bad will happen if your diet contains, for example, cottage cheese. The main thing is not to get hung up.

You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project


Before going to a nutritionist

Each of our members underwent an individual consultation with a nutritionist. A properly formulated diet and intense training is the key to your success on the way to achieving your goals. Let's figure it out together: how to properly prepare for a trip to a nutritionist?

1. Keep a food diary a week before going to the dietitian, write down everything you eat. In order not to carry a notebook and pen, you can use the convenient and, importantly, free FatSecret application.

2. Remember, or rather write down all your intolerances and contraindications to the use of various products.

3. Be prepared for questions about training intensity, frequency, sleep quality and duration. All these factors are very important in order to develop an individual meal plan.

You are what you eat: dietitian consultation. Special editorial project


You can download individual meal plans for our project participants.

Maxim Syreishchikov - Managing Director of the Championship.
Goal: correct and high-quality transition to a healthy diet.
Download the daily diet plan.

Polina Sycheva - student, freelancer.
Goal: losing weight using detox programs and superfoods.
Download the daily diet plan.

Nikita Kuzin is a journalist.
Purpose: weight loss, relief.
Download the daily diet plan.

Dayana Mukhametzhanova is a student.
Purpose: weight loss, organic transition to proper nutrition.
Download the daily diet plan.

General dietitian recommendations when choosing products.
Goal: transition to a healthy diet, weight loss.

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