Yoga at home: 5 asanas for beginners

Breathing and Bending:

• 10 reps on each side at the beginning of the workout;

• keep your back straight;

• exercise slowly at a pace that suits you;

• focus on your breathing and your thoughts;

• if you have a fitness tracker, try to catch your heart rate at the beginning and keep track of so that it does not increase much;

• if you feel that it is difficult for you, then it is better to do 5 reps on each side, but correctly.

Pull the knees to the chest:

• do the exercise for a minute;

• after the first approach, take a break of 30 seconds and repeat the exercise for 30 seconds;

• try to keep one pace throughout the exercise;

• straighten up and restore breathing.

Stretching the back of the thigh:

• 10 reps for each leg;

• a break of 30 seconds;

• repetition of 10 inclinations to each leg;

• make sure that the supporting leg remains straight;

• if you perform the exercise correctly, you will definitely feel how the back surface of the supporting thigh is stretching feet.

Arch your back. Cat's pose:

• we perform the exercise as a cool down to our exercises;

• 15 repetitions each;

• a break of 15 seconds - another 15 repetitions;

Cool down. Downward-facing dog:

• do the reverse of the previous exercise;

• pull the lower back up;

• 10 reps, 2 sets every other break.

At the end of your exercise, take a few minutes of meditation. Sit in a comfortable position and say your directive for the day ahead.

5 Yoga Asanas You Should Do Daily | Yoga | Fit Tak

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