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Yes or no: is it possible to prepare for a marathon on a treadmill?

42.2 km is a tempting figure for many runners. This is an incredible frontier for beginners and a serious distance for pros. In addition to moral preparation, you need to devote a lot of time to work on your body. But what if for some reason you can't train in the city? And there can be many such reasons: traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists, poor-quality roads, insufficient lighting. Will this be a reason to give up your dream of running a marathon?

Yes or no: is it possible to prepare for a marathon on a treadmill?

Photo: Moscow Marathon

Surrender is not in our rules, so the Championship turned for advice to Ivan Ermolaev , master of sports in athletics, prize-winner of the Russian athletics championship, master trainer of the gym area of ​​the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit . Together we figured out the intricacies of preparing for long runs on the TREADMILL.

Street vs Gym

There are not many differences from training on the street. We put on the same sneakers (it is better to wash them just before going to the gym) and go for a run. The main characteristics of running shoes are: good shock absorption, high heel, instep support or orthopedic insole suitable for the foot. The running technique will not be affected, but it should not be practiced on the track: find a space of 10-30 m in length and do special running exercises there.

Yes or no: is it possible to prepare for a marathon on a treadmill?

Photo: Moscow Marathon

While on the street you have to look for a stadium for interval training, slides for races, just more or less free sidewalk for long runs, the treadmill in the hall allows combine everything. Set the incline, change the speed. Only the surface will always remain smooth and even - and this cannot be changed in any way.

On classic marathons, a completely homogeneous terrain, asphalt pavement and a very small height difference on the track.

For example, the difference in altitude at Moscow Marathon is about 350 meters and very smooth roads - running such a race after training on the track will not be difficult.

Training plan for a treadmill and the paths of the park are no different - both there and there you need to alternate types of running work and increase the volume. You can use ready-made plans on the Internet, but it is better to turn to a professional trainer who adapts the program to the athlete's fitness and goals. In addition, running on the treadmill is less traumatic if the training process is properly planned.

In general terms the training plan looks like this: jogging at low to medium intensity 3-4 times a week (for beginners, brisk walking is possible in the initial stages) and 1-2 strength training. It is better to do strength training no earlier than 6-8 hours after running. Pay attention to functional exercises that mimic running movements to help you feel better while running. Don't forget pro work with the mobility of joints so that stiffness does not appear in movements.

But there are also a few BUT ...

  • The walking belt moves underfoot without the participation of the runner, which means that the intensity of work will be lower than when running on the street. However, you can balance the load by turning on the hill run function.
  • There is no advance phase, as the treadmill moves by itself during running. Nevertheless, now mechanical tracks have begun to appear on the market, which are fundamentally different from electrical ones. The promotion phase is even longer there than when running outside.
  • Running on the street is considered more functional because the terrain, surface and surrounding landscape change, you have to adapt to weather conditions and seasons.
  • The marathon race is still held in street conditions. And if the goal is a marathon, then it is advisable to include street workouts at least sometimes.

Most often, people finish training due to the fact that they are injured or simply physically cannot withstand the volume of loads that their training plan suggests. Also among the popular reasons are improperly selected shoes, too hard surface on which a person runs, too much mileage, too hilly surface and incorrect running technique. But all this can be adjusted in one way or another or diversified training.

Yes or no: is it possible to prepare for a marathon on a treadmill?

Photo: Moscow Marathon

Everyone has their own way to make jogging in the gym more fun: watch movies or TV shows, listen to your favorite music or work with a partner who will urge and motivate. But, perhaps, the most important thing is the correct goal. Answer yourself to the question: Why should I run a marathon and what will it give? If the end justifies the means, then boldly go to it. Then training will only bring joy and pleasure.

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