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Yamakashi forever: what is Leito of the 13th district doing now

Over time, we not only grow up, but, reluctantly, we get old. However, in our world there are individuals who, like wine, only get better over the years. David Belle, a French actor and leader of the world parkour movement, who became famous thanks to the film District 13, is one of such personalities.
Despite his age, in the French film he appeared before the audience in excellent physical shape. We find out what happened to the actor after filming and whether he has lost his skills now.

How did David Belle's career begin?

The man who showed the whole world what parkour is never dreamed of working in the film industry. But from childhood he dreamed that he would glorify a new and interesting sport. His father instilled in him love for him. A man who was undergoing special training in the army told the boy about the technique, which in the future was called parkour. To achieve success, the child simultaneously practiced gymnastics, athletics, mountaineering and martial arts.

Young David Belle began to devote a lot of time to parkour. At the age of 15, he even dropped out of school and went in search of like-minded people. This decisive and, at that time, reckless step became fateful for the Frenchman. In 1987, together with Sebastian Fukan, they organized the Yamakashi parkour team.

The guys formed their own lifestyle - a kind of mixture of acrobatics, rock climbing and various martial arts. This movement was named Parkour, which means obstacle course in French. Soon, residents of other cities joined their team.

All of them tried to ensure that more and more people knew about their team. Articles about Yamakashi appeared in magazines, television programs were shot, and in addition, they starred in the video of the I AM group. Participants believed it would help them make a living.

Yamakashi forever: what is Leito of the 13th district doing now

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But soon, amid internal disagreements, the team broke up. After the contention in Yamakashi, David worked for a while in the fire department. However, due to a fractured wrist, he had to leave the service. The guy began to shoot and edit videos showing his success in parkour. They gave the Frenchman the way to world cinema. The clips posted on the Internet were noticed by the directors.

In 1997, David made his debut appearance in a feature film. He played in an episode of the series Louis Page. Then followed a series of secondary roles. Of course, the most important work for David Belle wasLeito's role in the film District 13. In 2004, director Luc Besson invited Belle to take part in the filming.

After the premiere of the action movie , in which Belle independently choreographed and performed all the tricks, the Frenchman woke up famous. The film's success was enormous. Together with David, he received world fame and parkour. Many viewers were amazed at Belle's dexterity and abilities, although the actor himself did not pay much attention to training. Parkour seemed to be in his soul.

In 2009, the actor and stuntman are hit by a new wave of popularity. The reason is that the 13th district: Ultimatum film is being released. Luc Besson again entrusted the main role to David Belle, but such a long-awaited sequel did not repeat the success of the first film.

What does David Belle look like now?

Now the actor is 46 years old. From time to time he can be found at events related to the development of the parkour industry. He has a wife and three children.

Throughout his film career, the man never forgot about your favorite sport. David participated in the creation of various competitions, directed specific scenes in action films filmed in Europe and Asia, and trained regularly himself. In April 2018, David Belle attended the first stage of the World Cup in Parkour and followed the competition closely.

Yamakashi forever: what is Leito of the 13th district doing now

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His athletic form still inspires admiration and respect. Since the filming of the first film, District 13 has not changed much. The actor managed to maintain athleticism and musculature. It's really amazing and motivating.

Yamakashi forever: what is Leito of the 13th district doing now

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David, whose tattooed body moves in space with incredible speed, became one of Luc Besson's favorite actors and stuntmen and an idol, a role model for young people. All this thanks to its charisma and incredible stunt scenes.

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