Breathing Xenon: Dr Bunhead thinks he's gonna die

Xenon: first you breathe gas, and then everything is like a fog

The xenon therapy procedure entered medical practice about 20 years ago, and many patients who tried it have already appreciated the result. Possessing unique analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative properties, xenon is used in many medical fields, including in rehabilitation treatment. It has been scientifically proven that the course of such a procedure is superior in effectiveness to many other physiotherapeutic methods of influencing the central nervous system. OSTEOPOLYCLINIC specialist in xenon therapy, exercise therapy instructor, psychologist Maxim Alexandrovich Buvin .

Xenon: first you breathe gas, and then everything is like a fog

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What is it?

Xenon therapy is an inhalation procedure. The process feels painless and lasts 3.5 minutes. You breathe through the mask, and the incoming gas is tasteless and odorless. During the procedure, you experience various positive emotions, for example, you will feel something like a slight intoxication, as if you had drunk a glass of exquisite wine. At the same time, you may also feel a slight dizziness and tingling in the tips of your fingers and toes, a wave of heat walks throughout the body - this is a normal reaction.

What does xenon therapy work with?

Xenon is included in air composition. It comes to us from the bowels of the earth - comes out of the soil to the surface of the planet and soars in the atmosphere. Thanks to special technologies that take it from the air or, when xenon gets into a mixture of gases, it is separated and purified, and then used in medicine. Its use has no restrictions, except for legislative ones - it cannot be used during pregnancy and for children under 18 years of age. The procedure is allowed for minors only for surgical interventions.

Xenon: first you breathe gas, and then everything is like a fog

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

The element came to medicine thanks to its three advantages, thanks to which it is achieved:

1. Pain relief.
2. Relaxation.
3. Anti-anxiety effect.

At first, xenon began to be used in surgery as anesthesia, and in the process it acquired more and more new properties. Xenon is used both as a complex therapy and to relieve withdrawal symptoms in drug addicts and alcoholics. There is also monotherapy, it can be used to treat panic attacks, depression, chronic pain syndromes.

Xenon: first you breathe gas, and then everything is like a fog

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Who needs these procedures?

• office workers who are always in a state of stress and little movement;
• athletes during the inter-training period after intense physical exertion;
• people after a long flight;
• people with migraines;
• people who have undergone surgery or are preparing for it.

First of all, xenon works with tension, as it is a strong relaxant, but also impactalso on some hormones. For example, cortisol and adrenaline. The procedure does not reduce them to critical values. The doctor strictly monitors that the indicators are at the level of a healthy person.

However, therapy cannot be applied shortly before the operation, since during anesthesia a sharp jump in adrenaline is possible. As a result, you will need a little more anesthesia in order to feel the pain relief and numbness. An experienced doctor will advise you to visit a xenon therapy procedure after or the day before surgery.

Panic attacks are always accompanied by a very violent autonomic reaction - sweating palms, increased heart rate, feeling short of breath, panic. All these changes can be minimized by xenon. The next time a person has such an attack, only the psychological factor remains, and it is much easier to deal with it. Therefore, xenon works very well in complex therapy with psychiatrists.

Xenon: first you breathe gas, and then everything is like a fog

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

How does xenon work for psychosomatic pain?

If we are talking about hypochondria or, so to speak, a third-year medical institution's syndrome, when a person realizes that everyone is sick and, no matter what disease you discover, he finds in himself all these symptoms, xenon therapy will also be effective. This again lies in the same plane with psychiatry, in the understanding that processes in the brain are going on that should not take place. Xenon removes the stress factor, adrenaline and cortisol levels return to normal, the nervous system becomes more balanced.

Back to office workers. When they come for a second appointment, they say the same thing - the factors that annoyed them before the procedure ceased to hurt after. The body begins to defend itself through a reboot. Sleep and metabolic processes are normalized.

How often do you need to undergo the procedure?

Xenon has no side effects and toxic effects on the body, so the procedure can be performed daily, there is no dependence. But for the average person who lives in a metropolis, I advise you to go to the procedure once a week for 5 weeks, and then look at your condition. Everything is very individual, both in frequency and concentration.

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