Top 10 Cringiest Halftime Show Moments

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Maroon 5's recent 15-minute Super Bowl performance has sparked talk of the worst number in finals history. On social media and in the press, the show was called mediocre and formulaic. We, having decided that they have something to compare with, did not argue. However, they were not too lazy to check - we reviewed and selected the best performances in the history of the Cup.

Michael Jackson (1993)

Michael Jackson is unanimously considered the founding father of the reference format halftime performance. The singer was the first to turn the show into a medley of his hits and prepared separate dance numbers that smoothly flow into each other. In addition, his performance attracted a record TV audience of 1.5 billion people for those times.

Britney Spears (2001)

And to be precise, not only her. The singer has performed with Aerosmith, * NSYNC and Mary J. Blige. Agree, a good vinaigrette from the main representatives of rock, hip-hop and pop music.

Prince (2007)

When Prince himself performed on stage, the stadium turned into a clear sparkling sky. Lilac tones and a blue suit with an orange shirt did their job in attracting the right attention.

Madonna (2012)

For the performance as the headliner of the Super Bowl, the singer chose impressive outfits from Givenchy, prepared acrobatic stunts and, of course, the main hits. She performed one of her new (at that time) songs together with rappers Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Beyonce (2013 and 2016)

Beyonce was lucky to perform on the show twice. In 2013, she was remembered by the audience for an incredibly thoughtful and well-developed performance, similar to a 3D clip. Her outfit also attracted attention: the star entered the stage in a body-transformer, from which she gradually unfastened parts until only lace remained on her.

At the anniversary show, Beyoncé sang in company with Chris Martin, the vocalist of the British group Coldplay, and Bruno Mars. And by the way, she danced again at full power.

Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

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