World Squash Day 2012

World squash day. Open Day

Every year in mid-October, World Squash Day is celebrated around the world. In 2017, the holiday fell on October 14.

World squash day. Open Day

Photo: Championship

Well is squash? Squash is a sports game played by two people with special rackets and a small (4 cm in diameter) rubber ball, which literally flattens when it hits the wall. Hence the name of the game: in English squash - to flatten. The game takes place on a special indoor court and all four walls are playable. This game was born in the middle of the 19th century in England, and since then its popularity has stepped far beyond Europe. In Russia, squash is not yet widely known, although it is a truly international sport and is experiencing a real boom all over the world.

The National Squash Center holds an Open Day as part of the celebration World Squash Day and invites everyone to their courts.

When? October 14, from 11:00 to 20:00, guests of the National Squash Center will have a rich program of events that will allow :

- to get acquainted with the sports game squash;
- to see demonstration matches with the participation of professionals;
- to try playing squash under the guidance of experienced trainers;
- to conduct a single, pair or group training ;
- take part in fun sports competitions and a master class on decorating racket-shaped gingerbread cookies;
- and most importantly - take part in the drawing of certificates for free training!

This is important: for those who want to play squash, sneakers with a light sheer sole are a must.

World squash day. Open Day

Photo: Championship

5 facts about squash you didn't know for sure

Fact # 1. Squash is played in 153 countries, over 50 million people, on more than 60 thousand courts.

Fact # 2. Squash is one of the most likely candidates for inclusion in the official program Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris.

Fact # 3. Squash is the leader among many sports in terms of training efficiency - more than 1000 calories are burned per hour of intense play.

Fact # 4. When playing squash, strength, dexterity, coordination is developed.

Fact # 5. A professional squash player has sprinter speed, marathon endurance, fencer coordination, chess mindset.

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