Tightrope walkers break Guinness World Record high above Moscow

World record in the sky. Rope walkers walked between the towers of Moscow City

Last weekend in Moscow a new highline world record was set - walking at high altitude on a tight sling. Seven professional highliners from Russia, Germany, France and Canada marched between the Oko and Neva Towers in Moscow City at an altitude of 350 meters, which is almost 100 meters higher than the previous record set in Mexico City.

The distance was 245 meters. The names of all seven athletes will be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

German Fridi Kuehne was the first to try the sling. Kuehne holds a record for the length of the highline (1.9 km), the length of the highline with eyes closed (1 km) and the highline without belay (120 m). He covered the distance on Saturday, the rest of the extreme sportsmen repeated his achievement a day later.

On Sunday, they successfully coped with the distance: the record holder for the length of the highline (1662 m, 2017) Nathan Paulin from France, the record holder among women (2 km ) Mia Noblet from Canada and Russians Maxim Kagin, Alexander Gribanov, Gennady Skripko and Vladimir Murzaev.

World record in the sky. Rope walkers walked between the towers of Moscow City

Maxim Kagin in training before performing trick

Photo: vk.com/kaginmaksim

However, the height succumbed to extremals not immediately. During the training session, one of the participants fell off the cable at the height of the 100th floor, but thanks to the belay he pulled himself back up and continued the trick.

Each of our athletes was already known for insane achievements. Maxim Kagin walked the sling over the Yenisei, Alexander Gribanov over Voroshilov Avenue in St. one side of Tverskaya Street to the other.

Adrenaline junkies break tightrope record between 2 Moscow skyscrapers

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