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Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous

Are you tired, sad and boring? Go to the hall! It has been proven that sports really lift your mood and even help to cope with mild depression (I degree). But what if every time it becomes more difficult to train, and after the received physical activity you cannot recover at all? We asked this question to Evgeny Grekov - a certified endocrinologist, sports medicine doctor, president of the Association of Independent Experts of the CIS countries in sports endocrinology and nutrition, chief physician of the Hormone Life clinic and speaker of the SN PRO EXPO FORUM International Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Festival.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous


How to enjoy your workout?

A person with fully preserved somatic health (which means healthy endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular and opronomotor stems) can get pleasure after training. To maintain it, you must monitor the indicators of the following elements:


The human body (in the blood and muscles) contains about 5 g of iron. In tissues, it participates in processes such as the oxidation of cholesterol to testosterone, estrogens and progesterones, if we are talking about men. In women, iron is involved in the oxidation of cholesterol to testosterone and estradiol. If we talk about the adrenal glands, then cholesterol is also converted by iron-dependent enzymes into a hormone such as cortisol.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous

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I started my story with these mentions, because our main hormones of happiness - serotonin and dopamine - depend on the content of iron, testosterone, estrodiol and progesterone, vitamin D3 in the body. Deficiency of estrodiol in women causes inflammation of such a deep structure of the brain as the hippocampus. Estrogen deficiency not only leads to a decrease in serotonin levels, but also to obesity. Patients with a lack of estradiol are far from the happiest people, since the hippocampus is secondarily inflamed - and to get positive emotions, they begin to consume large amounts of carbohydrates - to increase serotonin - but this process only leads to obesity. That is why many mature obese patients go to the gym and cannot get positive emotions from it. As a result, they quit classes.

As a side note, I can say that women have 10 times more testosterone than estradiol. Deficiency of estrodiol and testosterone causes, in addition to depression, muscle weakness, decreased muscle and increased fat.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous

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Myokines and cortisol

There are substances like myokines - these are muscle hormones. They can be produced onlyonly against the background of the normal content of estrodiol and testosterone in the body. During muscular work, myokines are released, which stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine in the central nervous system. All this is produced with intense, but short-term physical exertion (playing sports). If the athlete is overworked (little rest and more than 40 minutes of intense exercise in the gym), then cortisol (stress hormone of the adrenal glands) will begin to be produced.If a person continues to exhausting training, cortisol begins to suppress the production of sex hormones - testosterone and estradiol - and begins to destroy muscle proteins. causing overwork. This should not be allowed!

Ammonia is also released against the background of overtraining, which negatively affects nervous tissue, impairing mood and cognitive function.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous



The iron-dependent protein myoglobin is very important for the athlete. The more it is in the muscles, the easier physical activity is tolerated. Myoglobin supplies oxygen to muscles during sports. Many people say: if you yawn while exercising, then carbohydrates are being wasted. Not! This is the result of iron deficiency, which manifests itself as a clinical picture of hypoxia. It is difficult to talk about pleasure during physical activity.

Vitamins of group B

If we talk about pleasure from physical activity, then it is very difficult to get it even with a deficiency vitamins B12, B9, because they are necessary for the synthesis of myoglobin and serotonin. Therefore, very often in the composition of this or that sports nutrition product you can see B vitamins.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous


Vitamin D

In order for the muscles to be strong, they need vitamin D. In its structure, it resembles the sex hormone - testosterone, consists of cholesterol and in many countries it is called the D3 hormone. Against the background of a deficiency of this vitamin, muscle atrophy and obesity develop in children - we see the same picture in adults. Lack of vitamin D3 - according to the US National Institute of Nutrition (2014) - causes diabetes, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, depression, suicidal tendencies, obesity. If a person does not have a lack of testosterone and B vitamins, but there is a D deficiency, then the muscles will still not recover, there will be no pleasure from the physical activity received. Vitamin D3 is essential for the synthesis of myokines in the muscles at the proper level.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous

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Iodine and thyroid hormones

Iodine and thyroid hormone deficiency can worsen results from physical activity. How? The water-electrolyte balance is disturbed andthe person begins to literally swell. In addition, against the background of a lack of thyroid hormones, fat accumulation increases and fat burning decreases.

Workout for stress. How to exercise to make you feel less nervous


How often to exercise to cheer up?

It's stupid to train every day!

Someone might say that he trains different muscle groups, but at the same time forgets that the body has one reserve. It consists of several parts: ATP, creatine phosphokinase, glycogen and fats, which must enter the muscles during rest. Usually, recovery from physical activity takes up to 48 hours. Therefore, it is better to play sports every other day, but not every day.

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