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WorkOut: city street fitness

Workout is a street subculture that combines a unique approach to training and the desire for diversified personality development. According to the founder of the movement, Anton Kuchumov, classes on outdoor sports grounds are the most affordable, interesting and effective way to get yourself in great physical shape. In order to find out where to find workout sites and where to start training, the Championship talked to the founder of the workout movement in Russia - Anton Kuchumov.

WorkOut: city street fitness

Photo: Natalya Ferenets

- Anton, as the creator of the movement, please explain to us what the workout begins with?

- It all starts with exercises on ordinary horizontal bars and parallel bars, which allow people to gain health, strength and beauty of the body. But workout is not limited only to physical development, on the contrary, unlike traditional sports, this is not a goal, but only an instrument. The idea is to transform the newfound strength into self-confidence and use it to achieve success in other areas of life: in school, in work, in relationships. Finally, the social component of workout can be expressed in the following words: instead of striving to become better than someone else, you should strive to help someone else become better. Workout free and openly share their knowledge and experience, form communities around themselves and their sports grounds, motivate beginners.

- When and where did the workout movement originate?

- In 2009, I met two members of the One More Day community - Sergey Ivanov and Danila Cherkasov. We simultaneously, but independently from each other, saw several small American videos with pumped up guys performing unusual options for pull-ups and push-ups on street sports grounds. Such a creative approach to habitual exercises sunk into our souls, and after the very first joint training we realized that it was he who could make horizontal bars, parallel bars and a healthy lifestyle popular with young people. Combining an unusual approach to training and the philosophy of the One More Day community, we decided to name the new direction Ghetto Workout after one of the first videos that we saw. Subsequently, they decided to abandon the word Ghetto, and the direction began to be called Workout: fitness of city streets.

- Where can you work out in Moscow?

- On our website in The Venues section presents the world's largest map of outdoor sports fields. Thanks to it, you can easily find a suitable site near your home, see what equipment is installed on it and who else is engaged there in order to immediately find a company for training.

- Is it all free?

- Of course. One of the ideas of the workout is that everything is free.

- Many people confuse such concepts as workout, Jimbarr and yard gymnastics. Explain the difference between them.

- Although theiroften confused, the only thing that these concepts have in common is a horizontal bar. Yard gymnastics is the performance of elements from artistic gymnastics (various turns, suns, jumpers) on ordinary yard horizontal bars. Some of the guys show a very high level, although they learned everything on their own and on the street. Jimbarr is a direction that originated in Colombia in the middle of the last century and emerged from artistic gymnastics, but associated with the implementation of specific elements for flexibility on the crossbar. Unlike these two areas, workout is not just about exercise. As I said, workout is a whole subculture, and training is only part of it. And in this part, no one limits you only to horizontal bars or parallel bars, because you can practice anywhere and anytime, in any conditions. Sufficient body weight and imagination.

- Is there a beginner's program to practice?

- We developed a free educational program a few years ago for those who are just starting their training or returning to them after a long break. It's called the 100-day workout. Many people want to start practicing, but do not know where to start, and we decided to help beginners. To do this, we analyzed more than 1000 sources (from school textbooks to the latest scientific publications), found answers to all the main questions that they might have, processed them, structured them and presented them in the form of a program designed for 100 days. In addition to theory, the program also has a practical component, which is a small set of simple exercises performed on a daily basis. Over the past few years, more than 15,000 people have taken part in it, and the success of some of the graduates has already been written in magazines and talked about on television. At the same time, the program is absolutely free, and all you need to participate is the desire to change yourself for the better.

- 3669 participants, 388 cities and 29 took part in the last spring launch of the 100-day workout program. countries. How did this happen?

- Two weeks before the start, we announced the registration for a new launch, and then word of mouth worked. People from different cities and countries found the program themselves and signed up to participate in it, as well as invited their friends and acquaintances. In addition, our institution of supervision is actively developing, and the graduates of the program not only continue to study themselves, but also actively promote the workout in their cities and organizations. They do this on their own initiative and free of charge. Simply because at one time they themselves went through the 100-day program, and it changed their lives. And now they want to help other people become better. We already have curators in 19 cities (in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and even Germany) and 4 organizations (MIPT, Kurchatov Research Center, Russia Airline, NRU HSE Lyceum), and we are gradually expanding the geography of our presenceI am. Negotiations are underway to introduce the program for students of hundreds of the country's leading universities, as well as for employees of several national corporations. So in the next launches, the number of participants will only grow. Also, especially for iOS users, we have a special offer for a 100-day workout, and work on a similar application for ANDROID is already in the final stage.

- That is, the training is carried out remotely?

- Yes. Every day, a participant through the website or application receives a certain block of information on a particular issue, as well as a training task. Initially, basic topics are considered (exercise technique, diet composition, breathing during training, etc.), then the material becomes more complex (biomechanics of exercises, the work of various body systems, muscle growth factors, etc.). By the end of the program, the participant has formed a certain theoretical basis, which will allow him to move independently in the future. The same thing happens with the training part of the program, starting with simple exercises and gradually increasing the volume, intensity and complexity of training. At the same time, the program includes an adaptation mechanism for any level of training, so any person, regardless of gender or age, will be able to choose the load for himself. In addition, curators in Moscow and other cities organize weekly gatherings of participants, where they get to know, communicate and train in person. And gradually the number of curators is increasing, so more and more participants of the 100-day event are moving from online to real life.

- Which cities are the most active?

- On the site you can see the current rating of the cities participating in the program ( Apart from Russia, among our cities the leading roles are occupied by Minsk - 76 participants at the start, Kiev - 63 participants and Munich - 66 participants. That is, basically it is still the former CIS, since the program was developed in Russian. The only exception is Munich, where our former compatriot conducts it for the Germans. He translates the program for them, and on weekends they all meet together on the site and study.

- Tell us about your The Patriots.

- Initially there were four of us. On weekends, we just went to different cities and in several years visited about 100 cities in Russia. There we took part in festivals, organized trainings, general city gatherings. She spontaneously developed with those who traveled regularly. Now there are two of us left, but we also continue to travel around the cities and conduct open trainings in Moscow.

- Is there a specific site where you train in Moscow?

- Every Saturday or Sunday (depending on when we are in Moscow) we can be found in Neskuchny Garden. On weekdays, the guys gather in the evenings in Victory Park or at some of the venues in the city center. Again non the website in the Events section you can find up-to-date information about our upcoming camps.

WorkOut: city street fitness

Photo: Natalia Ferenets

- Are you often invited to festivals and forums?

- You can say yes. It happens once a month for sure. Usually I am asked to share my experience with those who are just starting to implement their projects, give advice or just tell their story. The workout has in some way achieved success, some kind of public recognition, so people are interested to know more about it.

- How did you get the idea to create such a movement?

- We had no idea to create a movement, we just started practicing on our own and realized that it might be interesting for our peers. Then we came up with a certain community model that other guys could reproduce in their cities. And they started repeating after us. Throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, workout communities began to appear in cities, and then they began to appear in the CIS countries. When we started, it was 2009, at that time there was no fashion, and a healthy lifestyle was unpopular. It even happened that at first we were kicked out of the schoolyards. It was strange for everyone that 20 pumped-up guys could come and work out, and not litter and drink alcohol. And now we are invited to master classes at schools and universities.

- Are workout sites expensive? Do you think we need more sites?

- The price of a site directly depends on the quality, but this is not a question where you can save money, because we are talking about people's health. Both adults and children are involved in the playgrounds, so they must be safe. And they should also be modern, then in addition to workouters, ordinary residents of the city will also be engaged in them. The example of Moscow clearly shows how the appearance of such sites has led to an increase in the number of people who train on the street. In addition, high-quality sites will last longer. It is difficult to talk about the price of the site, but in the scale of the city's budget it can be a penny. I believe that it would be great if all schools and parks were equipped with platforms with horizontal bars, parallel bars and various interesting structures. This is a vicious circle - if there are sites, then people will appear who are engaged, and the more people there are, the more places they will need to practice. But at the same time, if there are no sites, then it will be difficult for people to start practicing. We develop projects of sites and post them on our website, these are a kind of samples for government customers, which show them how workout sites should look like. The largest playground in Karelia at 300 sq.m., installed in Petrozavodsk, was designed by me personally.

- Did you do any sport before the workout?

- At the time when we came up with the workout, I practically had no physical fitness. Cansay I started from scratch. That is why I understand the importance of a 100-day workout program that answers all the beginner's questions. If I had it then, I would have progressed much faster. But then there was no information, not even on the Internet. Therefore, we did everything ourselves, progressing very slowly by trial and error. But we were interested in it, and we understood that if we like it, then other people can also be interested in it. On the one hand, you can practice wherever and whenever you want. On the other hand, getting great results. And most importantly, it's interesting. You can turn any workout into a game and still get results. Nothing like this existed then and now it is difficult to find a worthy analogue.

- Why do you think people should pay attention to the workout?

- Training with your own weight - this is probably the most affordable, interesting and effective way to get yourself in excellent physical shape, which requires a minimum investment of time and does not require money. If you want to change your life, then wherever you are now, read this article and do some push-ups. Well, then - go through the 100-day workout program, and you will become different!

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