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Work on bugs. Instagram tips that don't work

In our permanent heading, we figure out whether you can blindly trust all the guidelines and advice found on the Internet. As well as choosing the right fitness program, you need to pay due attention to the choice of your diet.

Work on bugs. Instagram tips that don't work

Dangerous fitness. Exercises from the net that kill us and don't make us stronger

Why will I never listen to fitness babies? We analyze Instagram accounts with a professional trainer.

>>> Dangerous fitness. Exercises from the net that kill us and don't make us stronger

Being beautiful, strong and healthy is not difficult at all. The main factor affecting your body composition (that is, the ratio of muscle to fat mass in it) is nutrition. The main thing is to find the right reference point that will help you understand the sea of ​​false information about fitness and diets. Today our guest was Margarita Koroleva - nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences, founder of the Royal diet company. Together with her, we analyzed several posts from Instagram and sorted out typical mistakes. Think about it, maybe you are not on a diet, but just limiting your body senselessly and completely incorrectly?

Stress diet: 700 kcal diet

Margarita Koroleva: 700 kcal per day is much lower than the basal metabolism of any person. If you continue to eat in this mode for a long time, you can not only dramatically slow down your metabolism due to loss of muscle mass, but also seriously harm your health. From the combination of sausages and eggs, we get only unhealthy fats and some protein. The body, even in the absence of physical activity, needs energy. The correct way we can get it only from carbohydrates, which are absent in such a meager diet at all.

Everything is very individual

This method has the right start, as it can really quickly limit food intake to normal limits. However, it is not suitable for everyone, since the physique and level of physical fitness of people are different, and, accordingly, the amount of calories consumed cannot be the same. With this way of defining portions, you can say for sure that the diet will be sufficient to meet the needs of the basic metabolism.

Catching up with sweets

Dinner can be low-fat cottage cheese, but you should not add sweet foods such as fruit or honey. But eating a bite of some greens or making a light green salad is very right. Another great option for dinner would be fish with a fresh or cooked vegetable side dish.

100 grams of marshmallow contains 304 kcal, which is a very impressive figure, moreover, they all consist of simple carbohydrates, most of which will immediately go to the reserve. The approximate weight of one marshmallow is 30 grams, which is about 100 kcal. It's also a lot for an evening reception.

Snack for athletes

Weight gain, as well as weight loss, requires an individual approach. However, such a snack for a trained person who has good strength training and does it constantly is the absolute norm. Especially if it is done in the morning.

The first and only master class of nutritionist Margarita Koroleva will take place very soon in Moscow. Let it be slim. It will be held on December 5, 2017 in the historical showroom of GUM on Red Square. In addition to getting the right motivation and mood for a healthy lifestyle, everyone will be able to ask questions of interest to a star nutritionist. Join.

Habit, addiction, necessity

Person on the diet needs most of all what he used to need before her. Some people may miss fatty foods, such as grilled steak or kebabs. And someone was very fond of beer, in connection with which a large beer belly was formed, and they had to revise the diet. Other people - and, it should be said, these are really the majority - cannot last long without sweets.

The feeling of a lack of sweets in the diet may be due to various factors, including an immunity to certain hormones, incorrect work of the pancreas, dietary habits, hard physical work, nervous tension and chronic fatigue.

Neither step back, we have extra pounds

It all depends on the willpower of the person. After all, there are people who can starve without consuming any food at all for several weeks. But for proper weight loss, such a diet is fundamentally wrong. It will lead to a quick visible effect, but in the future, upon returning to the usual diet, the weight will return sharply. A breakdown on such a diet will occur in most people, since it is obvious that a serious feeling of hunger will bother you, and possibly weakness with sudden changes in mood.


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