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On a hot summer evening at the extreme sports festival in Crimea, the Championship met with the ex-art director of Gipsy and one of the creators of the Misia Slava Glushkovy brand to talk about work, travel, contemporary music and sneakers .

- Glory, where does such a crazy love for sneakers come from?
- Just for information: love for sneakers in Russia came from a slightly different side than in the whole world. There she came from basketball, but here it all started with the street, dancing and graffiti. I found myself in this wave by accident, because at some point I just came to Gogolevsky Boulevard, to the house that was located next to Nike Arbat, and bought one pair there. She was so beautiful and sat so comfortably that I immediately bought the same one, only in a different color. I put them on the shelf, but they looked so scanty that I bought two more pairs. And then I thought that since there are four pairs, there must be four more. Then I became interested in the background of the models, to find out the reasons for their occurrence, the players who played them, and so on.

- How many pairs do you have now?
- I can't say for sure, I last counted two years ago. During this time, I gave out a certain amount, because there are sneakers that do not carry much value with their history. They are beautiful, so I wear them for the season, and then I give them to someone or sell them at a super cheap price, because I don't have much space in my apartment to keep them all. I think there are about 200 pairs now.

- How did the history of the Misia begin?
- Misia is just a logical continuation of this entire running story, because for seven years I have spent a lot of money on it. Somewhere in my heart I dreamed not only to spend, but also to make money on sneakers. I saw the Misia project at a stage when it was still closed. I went inside for coffee, appreciated the interior. I liked it so much that I wrote to them on Instagram, and I was invited to stop by for a chat. I was interested to know what is planned in general, because I have been in the sneaker theme for a long time. I came, and we talked for three hours about sneakers, about style, about fashion and clothes. At the end of the conversation, I was asked: Well, are you with us ?. And of course I agreed. And for a year and a half we have been trying to do something together.

- How did you end up in Gipsy?
- The story with Gipsy versus the story with sneakers is very logical. It can be called an ordinary career ladder. I studied at the university and worked as a waiter in Simachev.

Once at dinner, by a strange coincidence, I found myself at the same table with Ilya Likhtenfeld, the owner of Simachev. He, of course, tensed at first, nbecause I'm not used to sitting at the table with my staff. But we still talked, and at the end he said that he saw potential in me and was ready to help make something of me blind. I replied that I was still studying, but globally I did not mind. First, he sent me to work for Novikov, then I opened the Attic on the Kuznetsky Most. Then I returned to his restaurant as a manager, three months later I became deputy HR manager and opened a Zyu-cafe on Arbat. Six months later, I told Ilya that I was bored in Zyu and that fast food was not mine at all. The next day he called me, said he was opening a new bar (Gipsy) and invited me to come and see. There was then a completely empty area and a lawn, but I immediately said that I wanted to work there. For three months I was engaged in personnel, however, I was not particularly successful in this. There were some moments when something went wrong, and I realized that it was because I had missed something. Ilya and I discussed this and decided that I would go to the art department, because this is closer to me. At first I was an assistant art director, and six months later I became an art director myself.

- It's no secret that you travel a lot. Tell us about the three coolest places you've ever been.
- I love America very much. The direction is quite poppy now, but I still love it - I can't. Firstly, my aunt and uncle live there, not far from San Francisco, so the first time I ended up there a long time ago, back in 2004. Then in 2007 I spent the whole summer in Miami on Work and Travel, worked as a waiter, slept on the beach. Traveled a lot of places. I don't like Miami, for me it is like the American version of Sochi. I love Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. And if we talk about Europe, then I love it because it is close and you can get out on the weekend, but to me most European cities seem the same.

- Are there places that you haven’t visited yet, but want?
- I would fly to Tokyo, I really want to go there. I have been watching some of the guys who live there for a long time, and it seems to me that they have a completely different world there. They think differently, their motives are different, and in general the format of their pastime is different. It's incredibly beautiful there, there are new technologies, there are interesting people and there is fashion, and I, as strange as it may be, is somehow immersed in it. And I also want to go to Australia and Barcelona, ​​I haven’t been there either, and this is a big omission.

- What kind of music do you listen to?
- Honestly? I listen to everything. I love to listen to classical music in the car in the morning after some crazy set, because it calms and sets in the right mood. I respect the new generation of Russian musicians, be it Pharaoh, T-Fest or Husky. I'm not really a fan of them, but I listen to them, because I'm interested in how the scene is developing in Russia. I respect Yegor Creed, whom many hate, because it is of some kind of pop. But his new album is very cool both in production and inabout reading. But mostly I listen to foreign music, preferably American. Although sometimes I like to listen to something unusual in a language I don't understand, for example, German rap or French folk. In my sets, I can also play anything. I have one trick: at four o'clock in the morning, when everyone is already in a wild frenzy, I put on Celine Dion, and everyone starts to cry, the girls drop their bras, someone dances a slow dance, everyone sings in chorus, wherever I play it ... And it's cool.

- How do you like the X-Fest?
- Cool. I went without any special expectations of something colossal, because I toured a lot and I know how our provinces look like. But here everything is done cool. I like that this is all timed to sports, that they built a cool skate park here and brought high-level athletes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and other cities. Sevastopol is developing, moving somewhere, and it's nice. We had a great party under the Bricks, I was very glad to hear them, because this is the music of my childhood, I listened to them in my prime, but at the concert I realized that there was still gunpowder in the flasks. In general, I am happy with the festival, if they call me next year, I will definitely come.

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