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Words that change the world: 9 motivating lectures

TEDTalks - inspiring lectures given by famous people from different fields of activity: education, business, politics, technology, science and culture. Today these lectures are popular all over the world. During the entire time of the conferences such famous personalities as Bill Gates, Josh Kaufman, Elizabeth Gilbert and even Bill Clinton appeared on the stage. The championship made a selection of 9 lectures from, in which famous personalities and athletes will tell you about the love of sports, proper nutrition, and will also be able to inspire and motivate you to new achievements.

Most of the lectures is published exclusively in English, but some of them can be subtitled.

Lecture 1. How to overcome despair?

Professional speaker Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disease - all limbs are missing. Nick tells his story: how he was teased at school and how he got over everything. It was very difficult for him, at some point Nick even thought about suicide. However, despite all the difficulties, he was able to find the strength to move on. Nick Vujicic is now a renowned speaker who speaks all over the world and helps people.

Lecture 2. Teach children to eat right

What else can one of the most famous chefs in the world? Of course, about food, or rather about healthy eating. Jamie Oliver talks about how important it is to teach a child to eat right and balanced from childhood.

Lecture 3. Swim on Everest

Extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh talks about his swim at the North Pole ... He talks about the difficulties he faced and the thoughts that tormented him during the swim. After that, Lewis promised himself that he would never swim in cold waters again. However, he later heard about Lake Imja in the Himalayas and about the melting. So he again decided to make a swim in cold waters.

Lecture 4. 24 legs

Sportswoman and actress Aimee Mullins was born without fibula, which is why she lost her legs. Despite this, Aimee loved sports since her virginity, she tried many things until she stopped running. As a result, during her career, she set many records and won the largest competitions. Amy now has 12 pairs of artificial legs. In a lecture, she talks about how different the reaction to her legs is in adults and children. Amy has been to the conference twice. As the athlete admits, after she came to the conference for the first time, her life has changed dramatically.

Lecture 5. On the amazing science of motivation

Analyst Dan Pink studied the science of motivating people ... He was surprised to discover that there is a huge difference between what scientists know and what businessmen take in practice.

Lecture 6. Are we born to run?

What is is running: just left-right? AnswerAmerican writer and journalist Christopher McDougall, who just loves running, knows this question. During his lecture, he talks about why he became disillusioned with running shoes, as well as various stories about the athletes he met personally.

Lecture 7. How to live to be 100 years old?

Dan Buettner is a traveler, researcher, teacher, writer, and also the author of three world records for the duration of bike trips. During his speech, Buettner discusses that there are now many sources telling how we can prolong our lives.

Lecture 8. What happens when doctors cannot diagnose your disease

At 28, Jennifer Brea was a graduate student at Harvard and loved to travel. Jennifer once had a fever, and as a result she was treated for several weeks. She went to the doctors, but they said that everything was fine with her. However, then other symptoms appeared: it was difficult for her to speak and move. It turned out that it was all about the diagnosis of her doctor.

Lecture 9. Why leave the house?

Ben Saunders is a British polar explorer, athlete, and motivator. Ben's most famous achievement is the solo ski trip to the North Pole. Once he was asked the question: is it worth leaving the house at all? Ben decided to share his thoughts during his speech.

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