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Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home

Together with the top trainer of the World Class network Ekaterina Nekrasova we understand the peculiarities of women's training for the pectoral muscles and what results should be expected from it.

A beautiful and toned female body is the result regular and persistent training. They not only allow you to maintain weight, but also contribute to a significant adjustment to the shape of the hips and buttocks, and improve posture. If these parts of the body are amenable to change, is it possible to similarly correct the shape of the breast?

Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home

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What affects breast size and shape?

Before you start to practical methods and techniques, let's deal with anatomy. Namely, with the way adipose tissue affects the shape and size of the breast.

The anatomical feature of this part of the body is such that most of the volume is in the mammary gland and adipose tissue. The pectoral muscles are located under the mammary glands. In this regard, breast volume depends on the volume of adipose tissue and breast tissue, and not on the volume of muscle tissue. Accordingly, the higher the percentage of body fat, the larger the breasts. You are losing weight - your breasts are losing weight, you are gaining - fat and she is gaining.

But it is impossible to gain weight or lose weight in only one part of the body. We already know that you cannot burn and gain fat locally - it happens throughout the body simultaneously. It is impossible to change this process! No amount of workouts, ointments, body wraps or other magic means can make the body retain fat in the chest while losing weight.

Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home

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It is for these reasons that the pectoral muscles in girls practically do not affect the shape and size. Then why do you need training at all, you ask? While exercising for this muscle group will not help you increase size, it is still necessary. It is the pectoral muscles that are responsible for the degree of sagging or lifting of the chest. More developed pectoral muscles create an excellent skeleton, which will help lift the chest, visually improve its shape, and slow down sagging and the appearance of flabbiness. Therefore, you can pump your breasts at home.

What affects breast shape :

  • Anatomical features. This is the most important factor affecting the shape and size of the breast.
  • Body fat percentage. The higher the score, the larger the breasts.
  • Pregnancy. Preparing the female body for pregnancy begins with lactation. The mammary glands are enlarged, and with them the breasts.
  • Age. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness with age. And the tissue that supports the breasts loses strength.
Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home

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A set of exercises for women's chest training

All exercises should be performed for 12-15 repetitions.


This is the very first exercise that should definitely be included in your training plan. It does not require equipment, and, accordingly, you can perform it anywhere.

Technique. Rest your palms on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders. Do not set your elbows too wide; they should form a 60-degree angle with the body. Perform push-ups, almost touching the floor, and push yourself back.

If you are new to push-ups, you can do the exercise from your knees. If this is still difficult, then try to push up from a hill, for example, from a bed or chair. Keep your knees bent as well.

Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home


Bench Press

I'm sure you are athletes, so you already have a couple of dumbbells ready. And if not, they can be replaced with improvised means, for example, water bottles.

Technique. It's like push-ups, only inverted. Lie on the floor or on a bench / step with dumbbells in straightened arms. Move the dumbbells down in a projection to the bottom of the chest, creating a stretch in the pectoral area. The forearms should be parallel to each other throughout the movement. Just like push-ups, the angle between shoulder and body should be about 60 degrees.

Women's workout: how to build pectoral muscles at home

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Shoulder adduction (butterfly)

You can perform this exercise both on the floor and on a bench or platform.

Technique. Hold the dumbbells in straightened arms, palms facing each other ... Lower your arms across the sides, stretching your pectoral muscles. The palms should also be at the level of the bottom of the chest, they seem to go down from the shoulder. Return your arms to their original position.

Do not think that girls can seriously shake their muscles by doing exercises at home. This is almost impossible due to the lack of testosterone hormone. So don't be afraid and transform your chest with exercise.

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