Without diets and hunger strikes: 11 nutritional rules of Vera Brezhneva

Not many will argue with the fact that 38-year-old Vera Brezhneva looks great. One gets the feeling that she simply does not age. In an interview, the singer revealed the secret of youth: My good figure is about 30% genetics and 70% labor! I am seriously working on my body and I believe that it is impossible otherwise. Do you think I am not inclined to be overweight? Please, no illusions !.

Vera is sure that if she gives up on food and starts eating junk food, then in a couple of months she will say goodbye to athletic form and good health. Therefore, the artist always keeps in her head the saying You are what you eat. Brezhneva even formulated nutritional rules, which she shared with her followers on Instagram.

Before moving on to diet tips, the singer asked the audience to stop feeling sorry for themselves.

Too many and often hear: I cannot live without coffee, I cannot live without sweets, I cannot live without chocolate, etc. Now I will say one important thing: a person cannot live without air, water, minimal healthy food and love. Without everything else, a person can! We invent all these habits and addictions for ourselves. To justify, to calm conscience and vigilance, and most importantly - out of self-pity! So we stop feeling sorry for ourselves, we turn bad habits into useful ones.

Without diets and hunger strikes: 11 nutritional rules of Vera Brezhneva

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Rule 1. Choose fresh food

Vera advises buying fresh, non-frozen food at home and checking the expiration date on the packaging. And also use, store them according to this period. It is better to do with junk food on the principle of out of sight - out of mind.

Rule 2. Watch the portion size

Brezhnev tries to fit in one portion as much food as would fit into two palms. In one meal, it includes no more than two servings: it can be a salad with the main course or with soup or soup with the main course. The artist in no way recommends eating everything in one lunch: snacks, and a side dish, and a dessert with compote. The stomach should not stretch.

Rule 3. Breakfast is a must

Breakfast should be obligatory and anything: light or hearty. If you don't eat breakfast, you will definitely eat more than you need for dinner, - says the singer. Lunch is the most nutritious meal for her, and for dinner she eats some protein, porridge or vegetables.

Without diets and hunger strikes: 11 nutritional rules of Vera Brezhneva

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Rule 4... Eat at least three times a day

This is not only Vera's advice. Neither breakfast, nor lunch, nor dinner can be excluded from the daily diet. And between them, the artist recommends having snacks in the form of fruits, yoghurts, vegetables or fresh fries - at least an hour before the next meal.

Rule 5. Eliminate foods that are not beneficial

products that harm the body rather than benefit, Brezhneva attributed fast food, sugary sodas and cream-based sauces.

Rule 6. Don't starve

To avoid severe hunger, it is always better have a snack on hand. Feeling hungry often, the body begins the process of accumulating fat in case of the next hunger strike, Vera believes.

Rule 7. Try to eliminate sweets

The girl advises excluding foods containing sugar from the diet if you want to lose weight. The only optimal option for her is to allow herself to eat sweets once a week, and always before lunch and in a volume of no more than 250 ml.

Rule 8. Do not drink food

There are different opinions, but Brezhnev does not drink while eating. She believes that the extra fluid stretches the stomach and dilutes the concentration of gastric juice, and this interferes with the proper absorption of food. Therefore, the singer drinks 15-20 minutes before meals or 20 minutes after.

Without diets and hunger strikes: 11 nutritional rules of Vera Brezhneva

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Rule 9. Eat a few hours before bed

There are people who say: I eat - and nothing! The first is the exception. If you do, great. For the majority it is harmful and fraught, says Vera. She usually finishes dinner four hours before bed so that her stomach has time to digest food, but still recommends relying on her own feelings. By the way, the artist is sure that you can unlearn overeating before going to bed as follows: try not to eat at night for 21 days, and on the 22nd you won't want to.

Rule 10. Cut back on bread

Brezhnev includes a minimum amount of bread in her diet, because for her PP is a maximum of two pieces of flour product per day and certainly not during dinner.

Rule 11. Love yourself

And yet the most important rule is to develop love for yourself. No need to force the body and litter it with harmful products. We love ourselves, we feed tasty and healthy, we do not overfeed, we do not kill. We must manage our desires, not them us!

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