With condensed milk and without training. How did Polezhaikin from Daddy's daughters lose weight?

Mikhail Kazakov became widely known for playing the role of Ilya Polezhaikin in Daddy's daughters. Viewers remember him as a good-natured, awkward and funny chubby who loved dumplings and sandwiches. Kazakov recalls that as an actor in the series, he once lost 20 kilograms in two months - he swam a lot and rode a bicycle. However, the directors didn't like it. Mikhail had to gain weight back.

On the set of Daddy's daughters, the weight of the actor was over 100 kilograms. Now it is difficult to recognize him - Mikhail has changed beyond recognition, he looks athletic, slim and fit. He lost 37 kilograms.

With condensed milk and without training. How did Polezhaikin from Daddy's daughters lose weight?

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Walking, nothing else is needed, - the actor admits. He notes that he does not limit himself in nutrition and does not adhere to certain diets. Now Mikhail weighs 68 kilograms - and this is with an increase of 180 centimeters.
The most interesting thing is that he did not exhaust himself with hard training in the gym. He just added more movement to his daily life, so he burned a lot of calories.

Really , walking is a great form of cardio exercise. This is a simple and effective way to lose weight, which has practically no contraindications and is suitable for everyone. You don't need expensive sports equipment - you just need to walk in a park or somewhere in the city.

You don't have to work out in the gym for hours, exhausting yourself. When walking, up to 200 muscles are involved, and in its effectiveness it is not inferior to running. While walking, the risk of injury is minimal, because there is no such load on the spine, bones and joints as when running. This kind of activity is great for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

With condensed milk and without training. How did Polezhaikin from Daddy's daughters lose weight?

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Mikhail on his Instagram page mocks those who sweat for hours in gyms: If you still go to the gym for these results, I sympathize with you. Probably, you will succeed.

The actor is not fond of diets. There is no system in his diet, he does not count calories and BJU.

From photos it can be seen that the actor dried out well and his abs appeared on his body. For a beautiful embossed belly, Mikhail advises to make a vacuum.

EveryIn the morning, raise your knees and make a vacuum, that's all, you will see your wonderful abs in just two weeks. And at the same time you can eat whatever you want. The main thing is to use what you eat correctly, the artist added.

Lately Mikhail has practically stopped appearing on screens - now he is raising two children, doing business in his native Tver and occasionally acting in projects.

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