Winter Clothing Hacks You Need to Know

Winter is coming: 4 outfit options for indoor and outdoor activities

Sportswear has long been fighting for the right to be not only comfortable, but beautiful and aesthetic. And, it should be noted, most modern sports brands do it. The choice of equipment in winter and late autumn directly depends on your training location. Think and decide for yourself: how often will you visit the gym or jog in the stadium near your house? Or maybe you just need to create a basic sports kit that would become a universal solution for various activities?

For the material, we, together with colleagues from the LEAP multibrand sports store , have selected several options equipment for all occasions. Play sports in comfortable clothes and feel like you are on a red carpet in Hollywood!

Create a basic set for sports

Set: tights, T-shirt, windbreaker, running shoes with good tread.

Good for: Outdoor jogging, gym.

What to add: if you are going to train in the gym, then the top jacket can be removed, and a sports top (bra), short socks and a sports headband can be added to the set.

For jogging in the fresh air, this basic set requires add a long sleeve or fleece jacket as a layer between a T-shirt made of special breathable sports material and a windbreaker, high socks (in order not to chill the calf muscles) and a thin hat (ideally two-layer, so that it is thin and warm), optionally, you can add shorts as an extra layer to the tights.

Winter is coming: 4 outfit options for indoor and outdoor activities

All things in the photo - Under Armor

Photo: Marya Tyagunova, Championship

We train regardless of the weather

Set: warm tracksuit, T-shirt made of special breathable material and trainers for training.

Suitable for: outdoor workouts, crossfit.

What to add: The base for this set can be compression underwear or a standard set: long sleeve made of special material and tights. The very material from which the suit is made retains heat well, but does not protect against strong gusts of wind. Therefore, if your playground is located on a well-ventilated area, we recommend adding a light windbreaker as a top layer.

Winter is coming: 4 outfit options for indoor and outdoor activities

All things in the photo are Reebok

Photo: Marya Tyagunova, Championship

Running to the stadium

Set: tights, sweatshirt, T-shirt made of special breathable material, sneakers and gloves.

What is it for: For running outside in any weather, you just need to supplement the basic set with everything you need.

What to add: first of all, be guided by the weather, it may be necessary to add a long sleeve layer between ta sweatshirt and a T-shirt for even more layers, or limit yourself to a windproof windbreaker on top. The hood will protect your head while jogging in the fall; in colder temperatures, we recommend wearing a hat or cap (in case it is snowing or raining outside). As a top layer on tights, you need to put on shorts, choose their length depending on your preferences. Don't forget to add some high socks to the set.

Interesting: Under Armor is a relatively young brand. In 1996, 23-year-old Kevin Plank, who played for the University football team of Maryland, retired from his sports career and started his own business. The initial capital of the company is 17 thousand dollars, the laboratory is a grandmother's basement, the idea is to make waterproof underwear for athletes, which would not absorb sweat and be light and comfortable. The first clients were former varsity teammates on which Plank tested prototypes of his HeatGear® T-shirts.
Winter is coming: 4 outfit options for indoor and outdoor activities

All items in the photo are Under Armor

Photo: Marya Tyagunova, Championship

Kit for real girls

Kit: sports top (bras), tights, cropped sweatshirt and training sneakers.

Good for: for gym workouts, dance workshops and group fitness classes .

What to add: you can add a sports headband or wristband to the set, if necessary, and also replace the leggings with any of 9 Nike Pants Studio models, each of which are ideal for the type of activity you plan to do (running, cycling, boxing or, for example, dancing).

Winter is coming: 4 outfit options for indoor and outdoor activities

All things in the photo - Nike

Photo: Marya Tyagunova, Championship

For more stylish and interesting ideas for your sport bow, look in LEAP .

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