Will there be a result if you do 200 push-ups every day? Worker's honest challenge

Challenges have taken over the world for several years now. Some challenges entertain us, others motivate us to get better. Often athletes, and in our case a fitness blogger, set a goal for themselves and invite subscribers to perform them together. Some promised to do jogging for a whole year, others pull up 100 times a day throughout the month. Our hero today is Anton Marchuk - a young athlete challenged himself and did push-ups every day 200 times for a whole month. What came of it? We will tell you now.

How to make push-ups effective?

Push-ups are considered one of the simplest and most effective exercises for keeping the body in shape. You can perform the exercise in different ways: both according to a special program, and daily for several approaches. Anton has repeatedly demonstrated both methods in his videos.

How to do push-ups correctly?

Pelvic position

You must feel the body. As is the case with a plank, it should be flat and elongated. Any distortion will result in incorrect loading.

Rule of 90 degrees

You should lower yourself so that your arms are at 90 degrees in relation to your body. At the same time, do not forget about the accuracy of the exercise - we extend our arms to the end.

Will there be a result if you do 200 push-ups every day? Worker's honest challenge

What am I doing wrong? 5 common mistakes in push-ups

Progress will not keep you waiting if you get rid of these shortcomings.

Head position

Don't turn your head around. Direct your gaze to the floor and concentrate.

Stretched shoulders

If you fall in the shoulders, then you will not have the proper load. Straighten, raise your shoulders and stretch them all the way.

Position of the pelvis

Keep your back straight. Your tailbone should not live a separate life, squeeze it and then the necessary muscles will be in tension.

You can see detailed instructions in the video on Anton's channel.

Goal 200 reps per set

Anton Marchuk does not fulfill the challenge for show. According to him, challenges are needed to set new goals for yourself.

Anton published every workout on his Instagram. He did this solely so that people did not give up the challenge half way and continued to do the exercise with him. Unfortunately, not all of them have survived in the feed. Let's take a look at one of them:

Marchuk points out that push-ups should be alternated with different types. He realized that doing 200 reps with the regular classic grip was stupid. In no case should this be done, since the same muscles will simply be used.

Also, the fitness blogger reminds,how muscles grow in general: pumping, for example, biceps, we first of all destroy it. After that, microtraumas are formed, but when the muscle fibers are restored, they become wider. This is how muscles are pumped.

How is the choice of push-ups? If you believe the Ukrainian athlete, then intuitively. A simple example: there are 50 push-ups left, but the classic grip will not work for you. Firstly, this is wrong, as we wrote about above, and secondly, these muscles tensed and there is no need to continue to rape their body. It's much easier to change the grip and finish off those repetitions.

Is there a benefit from push-ups?

Wouldn't your health suffer with such a serious load? Daily physical activity in the form of charging is a good prevention for blood stagnation and heart disease. But what if we are talking about gaining muscle mass?

Will there be a result if you do 200 push-ups every day? Worker's honest challenge

100 push-ups a day. The challenge that will change you in a month

In 30 days you will not recognize yourself.

Professional doctors unanimously say that the restoration of the very muscle fibers that we said Marchuk, after an active workout, it occurs for 48 hours or more. What does it mean? We come to the conclusion that push-ups from the floor do not bring an increase in muscle mass. The human body simply does not have time to recover in such a short time. It is not recommended to perform serious loads every day, especially when it comes to 200 push-ups. You start to destroy yourself.

Our hero disagrees with this thesis:

Is there a result?

Anton says that he sees how his chest has become much larger. If earlier he could do push-ups from the wall two or three times, now he can do 10 reps.

If we talk about push-ups, initially he could do only 25 reps with the usual classic grip per set, now it is the number increased to 100. Let me remind you that he completed the first 200 push-ups in 13 approaches, and on the last day of the challenge he finished the exercise in just four.

More about the numbers: 1 approach - 100 reps, one minute pause, the second - 50 reps, 15 seconds rest, sets 3 and 4 of 25 reps. 3-4 - 25 approaches.

Anton Marchuk confirmed that all this time he was engaged in other programs. It is not known if push-ups alone brought changes to the body of the young fitness blogger. In any case, the challenge was completed. But the goal was never achieved - 200 repetitions at a time could not be completed.


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