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Will Smith is 51. And he is getting more and more basketball fanatic

Today, the American film actor and hip-hop artist celebrates his 51st birthday. Despite the fact that the most familiar Will Smith is seen on TV in a strict black suit, with weapons in hand and the intention to save the world, the actor managed to show himself in completely different ways. He played a selfless man in the drama Seven Lives, a caring single father in The Pursuit of Happyness, and even the fabulous Aladdin. And the most devoted fans remember Will as the legendary Mohammed Ali in the 2001 film.

In addition to acting and music, the movie star has another addiction - basketball. Will Smith is an ardent fan of the NBA's Philadelphia Seventi Sixers. Moreover, he himself has stepped on the floor more than once as a player: both on the set of The Prince of Beverly Hills and in real life. Today, in honor of Will's birthday, we will remember the most significant moments of his career related to basketball.

Will Smith's first role in the series: basketball, hip-hop and the 90s

The cult series The Prince of Beverly Hills was shown on NBC from 1990 to 1996. Young Will Smith played himself in it: an ordinary teenager from the west of Philadelphia, playing basketball and fond of hip-hop. But because of the conflict that took place with Will's participation, his mother is forced to send him to live in Californian Bel-Air, in the wealthy family of her sister and her husband.

Of course, in real life, Will Smith did not play basketball during his school days, but according to the plot of the TV series, he becomes the best player at Bel Air Academy. Acting at number 14, the actor demonstrates excellent athletic skills. And in one of the episodes, which depicts the dream of a dreamy Prince, he beats the NBA star Isaiah Thomas one on one.

Philadelphia Sixers. One club - one love

Will Smith was not cheating at all, uttering the phrase born and raised in West Philadelphia in the intro to The Prince of Beverly Hills. The actor did spend his teenage years in this part of Pennsylvania. Hence the dedication to the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team, for which he has been an active supporter for many years.

Will Smith is 51. And he is getting more and more basketball fanatic

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Let's just say that since 2016 Will, along with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, owns a stake in his favorite club. In October of the same year, before the start of the season, the artist hosted a dinner for 76s players, at which he appeared in a jersey with Sergio Rodriguez's number.

Will Smith is 51. And he is getting more and more basketball fanatic

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Will Smith's motivational speechand before the NBA match

And in 2018, Smith participated in the creation of the trailer. Do you feel it ?! The video was filmed ahead of the Philadelphia Sixers and Boston Celtics games in the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals.

Will gave a motivation speech along with other Philadelphia stars: basketball player Joel Embiid, defender in American football Malcolm Jenkins, actor Kevin , rapper Lil Dicky and vocalists from Boyz II Men.

He was number 33 against the Red Hot Chili Peppers

MTV's Rock N 'Jock entertainment show brought together actors, musicians and professional athletes so that they come together in a sports duel. When the premiere screening of the project took place, the participants played only softball. A year later, in 1991, basketball matches began to be held within the framework of the show, football matches from 1997, and bowling joined them in 1999.

A team member of the first MTV Rock N basketball match 'Jock B-Ball Jam in Los Angeles became Will Smith. He played number 33. Other artists on set included Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, Jaleel White, MC Lyte and Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also teams of Violators and Masons were diluted by professional basketball players. The match was attended by Magic Johnson, John Sally, Ron Harper, Reggie Miller and others.

Alas, Will Smith's team The Masons were defeated, but the match was still great.

In the NBA's epicenter

Will Smith attended the NBA Overhead Shooting competition in 1994. This time, he watched the competition with the audience. However, due to his love for basketball, the actor could not sit idly by: he did his best to attract the attention of the crowd and awaken activity in it.

In addition, you yourself can hear Smith's song Boom! Shake The Room while introducing the members in the first minutes of the broadcast.

For the role. How Will Smith played a blind basketball referee

In 2013, the official Blind Referee trailer featuring Will appeared online. In the video, he played the main role of a blind basketball referee, whose work is filled with continuous embarrassment and comic moments.

This video is often called fake, because a full-length film never came out after it. And he shouldn't have. The Blind Referee is another humorous experiment from The Jimmy Kimmel Show, in which Will Smith agreed to participate.

Live three-pointer

Once Will Smith also visited Mexican television. He appeared in the comedy show Otro Rollo on Televisa in 2015. Together with Adal Ramonez, they held a traditional conversation between the host and the guest. But the hallmark of the release was their basketball game right in the studio.

We chose the most famousIn our opinion, these are the moments that connect Will Smith with his favorite sport. Of course, this is not all. We believe that Will will continue to show himself not only as an unsurpassed artist, but also as a person with a keen interest in professional sports.

Will Smith is 51. And he is getting more and more basketball fanatic

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Will Smith is 51. And he is getting more and more basketball fanatic

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