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Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

On August 19 and 20, Krasnodar hosted a bright and memorable # DATSUNPICNIC event dedicated to street athletics in general and workout movement in particular. We managed to meet and talk with one of the organizers of the event in Krasnodar, a professional athlete and workout coach Alexei Kobyakov, about how his career in workout began, what role this sport plays in the life of his hometown, where you can join movement and the most common mistakes of beginners.

- Alexey, please tell me how and when did you start working out? At what point did it become for you something more than just a hobby?
- I started working out in 2012. At first we just went out in the summer with friends, played the well-known ladder, learned to pull up. At that moment, I still could not do anything. After that, we began to exchange experiences and learn some new, simple elements. Naturally, we didn't even know what they were called. Then, after some time, they began to study videos on YouTube, watch and repeat after those guys who starred in them. I really wanted to progress in this direction: I started taking information, again, from the Internet, because I didn't have any mentor. Basically what they saw, then they repeated.

Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexei Kobyakov

- Do you take part in any competitions now?
- Yes, I mostly try to attend regional, regional events. In the spring I managed to attend international competitions called Battle of the Bars. There I took third place, those competitions were the most powerful and the most important for me at that moment of my career. It was not easy, to be honest, because 16 athletes competed from different countries: Russia, Germany, Malaysia, the USA and others. All fought on the same site and had a high level of training.

I almost never participate in city competitions, as I am almost always the organizer of them. From the outside it would have looked wrong: if I had both organized and participated at the same time. Usually I go to compete somewhere nearby: to North Ossetia, Dagestan (Makhachkala), Rostov-on-Don. I also took part in Moscow competitions many times.

- What element can you call the most difficult one that you can do?
- The most difficult element for me at the moment is The horizon is a sore subject. An element that I have been learning for a long time, but it is given to me with great weight. Perhaps there is no predisposition, perhaps I do not really want to. Nevertheless, from training to training I try to continue to train him.

- How developed is the workout movement in your city? How many guys do it in Krasnodar?
- It's a difficult question, since workout is a big movement, and, probably, everyone has their own definitione. Therefore, it is rather difficult to say exactly how many people are engaged. In principle, you can even call a worker who knows how to pull up, and there are many such people. As for the development of the workout, I believe that Krasnodar in this regard is in one of the leading positions in Russia, since we constantly hold various championships and festivals. There is a regular movement.

Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexey Kobyakov

- Are there enough horizontal bars and really good playgrounds in your city?
- There are not so many good playgrounds in our town, they can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand, probably. It is the specialized sites that are lacking! Our administration and other organizations that are engaged in this, put the simplest platforms, horizontal bars, parallel bars, and they do not meet the requirements of professional athletes or people who just want to keep themselves in shape. So, of course, I would like to see the number of quality sites increase. We try to do everything possible for this.

- Suppose I am a beginner and want to do street workout in Krasnodar, where and who should I contact?
- To us! As a rule, now we have trainings in the FlyZone activity area at Stasova Street, 182/1. This is a trampoline hall, the third in the city, and it has a certain pro-zone, a professional zone, a parkour playground, a workout playground, a climbing wall, and professional trampolines. That is, you can not only jump, but also sign up for a section.

Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexey Kobyakov

In general, our workout guys are divided into two types. The first are those who began to train on the street, and they are not ready, for example, to pay money for a good gym, they are used to training in the conditions that they have sideways. And there are the second ones - guys who are just coming to our discipline and want to be explained everything to them, to chew on exactly how to practice, how to properly conduct their training process. Classes are conducted directly by me. I have a coaching education, and I also worked as a fitness trainer for four years. I have accumulated enough knowledge to teach this discipline. You can come to our trainings three times a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm. And you can also meet guys who train on street grounds. For example, in a city park on a site near Olympus, in other words, a backwater, in Chistyakovskaya Grove.

- What mistakes do beginners often make when coming to the site? And at the same time, what advice would you give them: where to start?
- First, they often neglect the warm-up, and then it goes sideways. Young athletes don't bother to warm up their joints and stretch their muscles. They immediately come to the site and try to surprise not only themselves, but also those around them. Sootsurely those people who study longer, they do not have such a goal, because they can do a lot and show themselves, they do not see any sense in showing themselves to someone.

Secondly, if you started to learn something, then be sure to finish it to the end! You do not need to quit halfway - you must always strive to do what you have planned, try to progress.

Thirdly, there must always be a correctly composed training process.

You can start with elementary pull-ups, push-ups from floor, push-ups on the uneven bars. Then move on to more complex variations of the exercises: going out on two hands, lifting with a roll over, push-ups in a handstand. Everything else - only when a person already has a formed good base, and that in a workout is about 25-30 pull-ups, 50-60 push-ups on the uneven bars, 70-100 - from the floor. Naturally, all this is for an approach, in good quality, without buildup and unnecessary inertia. Only after accumulating such a base can a person easily learn the power elements. Again, this is all individual: it is worth relying on height, weight, because work is going on with the weight of your own body. Everyone's progress is different. The most basic is the base.

Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexey Kobyakov

- How was the Datsun-picnic in Krasnodar? What do you remember the most?
- I think that the event was held at a fairly high level, there were guests from Moscow - famous guys who held master classes and a certain percentage of people, I am sure, motivated their an example, especially of novice athletes.

The most memorable, of course, are the competitions. From our judges, guests of Moscow, organizers, I heard that Krasnodar had probably the largest percentage of professionals, the highest level in comparison with other cities. This is, of course, good to hear. This means that all the work that we have been doing for several years is not in vain!

- How would you yourself motivate a person to become a part of your movement?
- I try to motivate people by example. When I come to the site, when I see an athlete, a person who is engaged, whose eyes are burning, I try to ask: how long has he been studying, to find a common language. Perhaps, something to suggest and advise, as well as show all the diversity of this discipline. After all, you can not only do pull-ups and push-ups, but also do other tricks. Or if a person just wants to be in great shape, then I am ready to show him a number of interesting exercises that he did not know before.

By and large, the motivation for the guys is various competitions, when they can ride in cities and take prize money places. It is always a storm of emotions and impressions, as well as invaluable experience.

Why Krasnodar can be safely called the workout capital?

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexey Kobyakov

- What, in your opinion, needs to be done to make the workout in Krasnodareven more accessible and would it be more comfortable to do it?
- I think that everything depends on the infrastructure. When a good infrastructure appears, the people themselves will reach out. Seeing a large number of people on the site, the guys will also come up, try something, be interested.


By attendance
1) Zaton - a playground on the city beach near the Olympus sports complex.
2) A playground in the City Garden park.
3) A playground in the courtyard of the Panorama residential complex.

By functionality
1) Site on the street. Russian from the Kangaroo.pro company. Until recently, it was the largest in the Southern Federal District. It is located far from the center, and the number of people involved in it is several times less than on some old Soviet site.
2) A site in the Slavyansky microdistrict.
3) And again a site in the courtyard of the Panorama residential complex. Since it is located directly in the houses, most often it is those who live in them who are engaged there.

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