Why is your fitness membership not working?

So often our attitude to run in the morning or spend every weekend in the gym remains only at the level of an idea and does not develop into a serious intention. Of course, you can treat everything philosophically and say that any reason not to go systematically to the gym is nothing more than an excuse, but what if you take into account a number of factors in advance and learn to use all the possibilities to the maximum? We have collected five reasons that most of all slow down on the path to creating an ideal body.

Somewhere far, far away ...

your hall. Indeed, you don't need to be a psychologist or an expert to be sure: the proximity of the gym to your home or work will greatly increase the likelihood of going to the pool or group aerobics. It is optimal to choose a fitness center in the immediate vicinity of home or work.

Tip : almost all well-known chains of fitness clubs have long ago added a map to their sites. Using the interactive widget, you can sort clubs by proximity to the metro or view them in a regular list.

Why is your fitness membership not working?


I carry everything with me

Leaving home in the morning with a huge sports bag at the ready is a very vague and unpleasant prospect. It would seem that you put a light T-shirt, weightless sneakers in a bag, and even if the heaviest thing in this set is shampoo or shower gel, you must agree that in the end you will have an extra couple of kilograms of weight and an additional backpack. This is despite the fact that you probably still need to bring a laptop or a diary to work.

Advice : in most fitness clubs there is such a service - renting a locker, of course, the rental price is different everywhere ... But on average it ranges from 1,500 to 4,500 thousand rubles.

Lifehack : and you can also sign up for Nike NTC training, take with you only shorts and a T-shirt that can easily fit into a compact bag. The sneakers can be picked up and tested right before training. Thus, we kill two birds with one stone - we train in brand new comfortable sneakers, created specifically for fitness or running and save space and energy.

Why is your fitness membership not working?


Changing the point of view

Buying a subscription is a serious step. But what if even at the time of purchase you already realize that you are going to class a few times? Is the price justified in this case and will it give at least some result? We are not at all opposed to you buying a subscription for a couple of months, six months or a year, who knows, maybe you will be able to make visiting the gym a habit. And for those who already have the sad experience of an unjustified purchase, we tell you about the latest trends in the fitness industry.

Tip : quite recently, various studios appeared on the World Class network, the concept of which is thatthat you do not pay for a subscription, but pay for each one-time lesson that you get to attend. It is important to remember that you need to pre-register for such workouts in the studio, but if you have signed up for a long time, you can safely come and try any direction that you like: Cycle, Mind & Body or Beat Zone.

  • Cycle is a new, science-based approach to cycling. The latest high-tech exercise bikes and an interactive system with heart rate monitors make every workout as effective as possible.
  • Mind & Body - Pilates, yoga and anti-gravity trendy this season (hammock classes).
  • Beat Zone - high intensity interval training, combining exercises in three zones - on a treadmill, rowing machine, as well as a functional block with exercises to develop all the main physical qualities of the body. During the session, heart rate monitors are used to monitor the effectiveness of the workout online and help track progress.

I'm doing everything wrong. So I’ll save up for a trainer and start walking

There are several ways to overcome the psychological barrier, learn how to draw up your own training program correctly and strengthen the theoretical base in terms of healthy lifestyle. You can browse the internet for free training plans, create your preliminary program and consult with a trainer for a trial lesson. For those who are worried about improper exercise technique, it is advisable to become part of an online course where you need to record your activities and send a video to the trainer so that he can give advice and help adjust your training plan.

Why is your fitness membership not working?


I was going to walk after work, but I can't!

Move your workouts for the morning. You will be surprised how many programs are designed so that you can do everything: get energized, stretch yoga in the park, and even before work on time. We have selected the top 3 places for you according to your taste:

1. Yoga from Roxy in Gorky Park. Sign up

2. Morning stretching, yoga or rhythmic gymnastics at adidase BASEMOSCOW. Sign up

3. Velobeat. Sign up and find out more

Advice : based on my experience, I can say that I downloaded a useful and simple application from World Class, in which in the evening I choose a morning workout that is convenient for me and race before going to the club. Training in the morning is very energizing!

Do not forget that there are a million opportunities around us: comfortable fitness clubs near home or work, professional trainers, experts and a large amount of available information on the Internet. And it depends only on you whether your subscription will work. The main thing to remember is that buying it alone will not make your body perfect by default.

Why is your fitness membership not working?


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