Why is wrestling like Game of Thrones? Rules of life

Wrestling is a theater, and by no means a sport. That is why wrestling is not positioned as a real competition for athletes. Here the winner is not the one who is faster, higher or stronger, but the one who does it beautifully and according to the script, so that the story that the wrestlers tell us has a reasonable continuation or a logical conclusion. That is why wrestling is much more like Game of Thrones, not the UFC.

Wrestling is not a scene from a movie, it is a movie in itself. It's not about muscular sweaty men pretending to beat each other; wrestling is about how, through the confrontation of two athletes (and wrestlers are, of course, outstanding athletes) a whole story is told, the characters of the characters are revealed, the whole spectrum of emotions is conveyed.

And, importantly, wrestling never ends. It's not like a favorite TV show that has a limited number of seasons - wrestling is on all year round and characters are always evolving. In this, wrestling is very similar to life itself. This means that there are many things to learn in wrestling.

You need to help your partner

This is one of the basic tenets of wrestling. Reslers are only opponents in the plot, but in reality they are partners who trust each other with their lives and health, and partners, as you know, need to be helped. It's very simple: you will not perform a move if your opponent does not help you. And first of all, you need to try not to make you look better yourself, but to make your opponent seem stronger, more technical and impressive. Then you yourself will look the same.

Why is wrestling like Game of Thrones? Rules of life

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Me you need an enemy to find peace

Wrestling is unthinkable without opposition. Every hero needs a villain. Superman would be nothing without Dr. Luthor, Rocky would not have become so loved if not for Ivan Drago, and Holmes would have lost much in his attractiveness without Moriarty. Modern man is more directed inward than at the world around him, so a person needs an external stimulus, an external enemy, in order to move away from all-consuming reflection. Everything is like in Dolphin's song. The enemy is needed to make everything meaningless become explicable.

To become a man, you must defeat a man

This legendary catch phrase from the equally legendary Rick Fleur became the main rationale for how wrestlers are moving up the career ladder and receive world titles. For a wrestler to become a top fighter, he must first defeat a top fighter; and then it will already be considered as something serious. So in life: to be the man you gotta beat the man.

Sometimes defeat only makes you stronger

Yes, it sounds like a terribly worn cliché, but in wrestling (and in life ) it still works sometimes. A worthy defeat strengthens the wrestler in the eyes of the fans; so, it was after losing to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XIV that the legendary Steve Austin became a real superstar. Exhausted Austin lay in a pool of his own blood, copiouslymortal sweat and frothing at the mouth, refusing to surrender from a painful opponent.

Austin lost, as he lost consciousness, but at the same time gained tremendous respect from the fans and a year later became the world champion. More recent examples include Daniel Brian, who lost his Wrestlemania XXVIII title in a fight that lasted only 18 seconds. After that, fans became even more supportive of Brian, believing that the writers treated him unfairly, and soon Daniel became the most popular WWE wrestler. Having gained the fierce love of the fans, Brian managed to convince the management and still got him a chance to become world champion again.

Falling is a must

Wrestling cannot be imagined without falling on his back - the so-called bumpers ; without them, not a single trick would have worked. A properly executed bump, a bump performed at the right time, only adds suspense and allows the viewer to prepare for a counterattack. In life, falling is also necessary: ​​falls temper and add experience; there is no success without falls.

It is not the result that is important, but the process

Grantland Rice, the founder of American sports journalism, wrote that when the Great Equalizer comes, he will display with a marker not the result of your match, but will write how you played in it and showed yourself. The idea is very idealistic, but after all, happiness is really a process, not an end result, so you should not evaluate your life solely by achievements and victories. How a person tried to achieve their dreams is equally important. Wrestling heritage (as well as human) is not measured by matches and titles won - more importantly, what impact the wrestler will have on future generations. Matt Osborne, a wrestler who played since 1978 and best known in the second half of the 80s, playing the role of a nutty clown in WWF, has tried a bunch of gimmicks during his career, but has not won a single significant title. Too direct and honest, Osborne did not enjoy the trust of the management and they repeatedly forced him to perform in mostly stupid gimmicks, but Matt, thanks to his natural talent, charisma and attitude towards wrestling, still achieved relative popularity among fans and left posterity with a visual aid, how do not give up and even from the most absurd characters given to him by the scriptwriters, to sculpt something worthwhile. And such recognition is much more important than any world titles.

You have to love what you do

Wrestling is not an occupation that requires big money or big fame. Very few wrestlers really make good money exclusively from wrestling and very few wrestlers become truly popular outside of the very narrow community of fans of this sporting entertainment. Moreover, wrestling is more harmful than beneficial, because doing it is not just painful, but wildly painful, and constant falls on the back, on the neck, blows to the head and are not in vain. It should be understood that wrestlers quite often experience mutualtrue pain, chasing more spectacularity and intensity, although wrestling is kind of not real. However, there are a lot of athletes around the world whose profession is to play theatrical fights in the ring; and this despite the fact that they know for sure that money and fame are not what the chosen path promises. And, believe me, to wrestle for many years, you have to fantastically love what you do. Which is what I wish everyone.

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