Outdoor gym: How to take your gym routine outdoors

Why is it healthier to train outdoors than in the gym?

Scientists have long been asking us not to neglect the fresh air and not crowd in stuffy gyms, especially when it's summer outside. Outdoor activities become much more effective and at least more fun. Many fitness clubs and studios are also switching to the open-air format at this time of the year. We talked to the gymnast and founder of the SM Stretching network Samira Mustafaeva and learned all the secrets of a successful street workout.

Why is it healthier to train outdoors than in the gym?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Most recently, Samira, together with her husband Nikolay, opened the first foreign studio SM Stretching in sunny Los Angeles.

- What are your plans for the near future?
- This year we plan to actively develop a studio in LA and, possibly, open several more points there. Very soon we will have a new business, the name of which we are keeping secret for now. This is not SM Stretching, but also a sports project in which there will be different directions. One of them is not developed at all in Russia.

- Are you planning to open in other Russian cities yet?
- Honestly, this is still difficult. We are not sure if this is our path. I still want to control and conduct business on my own. Quality is more important to us.

Why is it healthier to train outdoors than in the gym?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Now you have to live in two cities?
- Yes. And it's not easy. I flew in and work from 9 am to 10 pm, and sometimes I don't even have time to have lunch. New coaches are actively joining the team, interviews take a huge amount of time.

- In the summer, an open-air training format is added to the studio. Is the program different?
- Yes, the formats are constantly changing, but in general we are working on the same concept. This year, for the first time, we held an open barre training session. More than 300 people came to the lesson in Muzeon, it was very cool.

Now you can join us at three sites:

  • Barre on the roof of the arch of Gorky Park
  • Stretching in the Museon Park
  • Strethcing on the roof of the OKO head (height - 354 m)

There will be several new locations and updated programs. This year everyone will find not only stretching, but also functionality.

Why is it healthier to train outdoors than in the gym?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What is the advantage of training in the fresh air?
- First of all, it is energy and motivation when there are many more people around you than in the gym. Around - the sun, good weather, light breeze, health improves, breathe easier. This is a very special vibe.

- You focused your attention on barre. What attracts you to this direction?
- It was not developed in Russia in the summer. Now I am pleased that we have invested our strength in it, and the direction has become so popular. Of course, I'm not sure if all the trainers are really certified, soI mean it's not that easy right now, but I sincerely hope so.

I love that barre is like dancing, but it's still strength training. I love to count loudly, run and jump - for me this is the perfect combination. On the stretch, everything is still slower and much calmer. Also, the body is sculpted perfectly, the posture straightens, you feel feminine and sexy.

- Do you have personal life hacks to train more effectively?
- Firstly, do not exercise every day, because the muscles get tired, and the result may be the opposite. Second, follow the exercise closely. Any slightest wrong movement - the wrong muscle is straining. It is important to focus on the part of the body that is swinging at the moment. A good workout also means mental work, the correct concentration of your strength and energy.

Why is it healthier to train outdoors than in the gym?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Do you follow the nutrition?
- Yes. One of our trainers, Vova, who is well versed in this topic, advises counting calories if you want to dry out. I do not have such a task now, so at the moment I am not very strict in controlling my diet. But you definitely need to be in a calorie deficit - spend more than you consume.

- Are there any favorite foods that give you energy before training?
- Yes, now these are smoothies and vitamin shakes.

- Can you share a few effective exercises for outdoor workout?
- I think the top 3 is the position on all fours and the leg back, gluteal bridge with a ball and pumping arms in plie. I'll show you now.

What do scientists say?

When you do sports outdoors, the oxygenation of the body is more intense than indoors, and this, in turn, helps to restore the nervous system, makes you more resilient and focused.

Unlike fitness rooms, coverage and The geometry of the street workout areas varies. Such activities require more involvement and better coordination from you. You focus more on exercise technique and have better control over your own body to avoid injury.

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