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Why is bodybuilding dangerous? The story of David Laid, who at 20 feels 80

22-year-old Estonian bodybuilder David Laid has become very popular on the Internet, and almost one and a half million people have already subscribed to his Instagram. Guys take an example from him, and girls admire his body. But last year, the athlete announced that he was suspending his training in the gym and taking a break for an indefinite period.

Who is David Laid and how did he become a bodybuilder?

Laid was born in Tallinn in 1998, but now lives in New York. At the age of two, he lost his father in a tragic accident. After the death of his father, David's mother decided to move with her son to the United States.

At the age of 14, Laid was bullied because of his thin physique. At that time, he weighed only 45 kg. Because of this, the guy felt uncomfortable, which, in the future, grew into problems with self-confidence. Without a father to support him, the situation only got worse.

It got worse when David was diagnosed with scoliosis. The doctors then advised him to start strength training, but the bullying from his peers continued. Later, David claimed that this had a negative impact on his life:

Nevertheless, David eventually realized that these problems prevent him from living his life in a positive way. It was at this moment that David made the decision to change his life and start going to the gym.

How fitness changed life and made Laid popular?

David decided to add volume to his thin body. He began to look for different ways to build muscle through training videos.

Due to his slender physique, David quickly began to build muscle mass. This motivated him as Laid wanted a great body.

Finally, after After several months of hard training in the gym, David made significant progress. Insecurity and low self-esteem are a thing of the past.

From the very beginning of his fitness training, David's social networks began to grow rapidly. The guy posted all his workouts on Instagram, where he shared with the subscribers the changes in his body. Thus, he has become an inspiration to many people around the world. Laid's example showed everyone that everyone is able to turn their lives around, while earning an excellent body. David often showed his progress, which gave him the motivation to keep moving forward.

As of his favorite exercises Laid always listed deadlifts, squats and bench press. David often used these three exercises to constantly improve his physique. He worked out in the gym on a regular basis six times a week,to maximize the results of training sessions that lasted six hours. Over time, such a load on the body did not lead to very good consequences.

Health problems

Last year the bodybuilder went to the hospital, as he began to suffer from severe back pain. David underwent magnetic resonance imaging, thanks to which the guy was diagnosed with 19 diagnoses: hernias of all departments, lordosis (the disappearance of the natural curves of the spine, normally it is S-shaped), protrusion, etc. Several vertebrae shifted and began to squeeze the spinous processes of the nerves, which caused pain.

Doctors forbade Leid any physical activity, including strength exercises. He was advised to lift no more than 10 kg. At 21, Laid became disabled because even brisk walking caused him back pain.

Now David continues to upload photos from the gym on his Instagram, but it is almost impossible to see a guy with a barbell in his hands. Basically, he lifts dumbbells, does yoga and avoids heavy weights. He recently completed physiotherapy and continues to take pain medications. Whether he will be able to get rid of such acute pain remains a big question, but David Laid's example showed us that giving your body such extreme stress is still not worth it.

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