The Body Positivity Movement is contradictory

Why is body positive dangerous? The downside of the popular movement

Body positive is gaining more and more popularity all over the world every year. It would seem that such a movement should have relieved us of the problems associated with the cult of thinness and the notorious standards of society. And in many ways, a positive attitude towards the body has borne fruit. First, the concept of beauty has definitely expanded. Now, at fashion shows and magazine covers, you can see not only a girl with perfectly retouched skin and without a single hint of fatty layer, but also an ordinary person with his characteristic features: excess weight, wrinkles and folds, hair, individual skin characteristics. In general, with everything that we all are so familiar with in real life.

Secondly, the new social trend teaches to respect others. Bullying is unacceptable, especially if external signs serve as its soil: figure, skin color, facial features or any diseases. In the end, body positivity helped many people accept themselves, saved them from anorexia, eating disorders, depression and even desperate behavior. After all, imposed standards of beauty are a fairly strong guideline, and the desire to comply with them in most cases becomes an unhealthy phenomenon.

Why is body positive dangerous? The downside of the popular movement

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The movement that blew up the internet with its ambiguity. What do you think?

Why is body positive then dangerous?

Nevertheless, there are negative consequences of body positive, which can be described by a phrase from extreme to extreme. Of course, we have no right to generalize and speak for all representatives of the movement. But, you must admit, certain problems also began to develop against its background.

The number of overweight people has increased

The University of East Anglia conducted a study in which they participated 23.5 thousand inhabitants of the country are overweight or obese. Scientists have come to the conclusion that at the same time as plus size began to be positioned as a variant of the norm, there are more people with extra pounds. This is because the British simply stopped considering themselves complete, noticing the existing problem and, accordingly, at least somehow dealing with it.

Ignoring health problems has become justified

Being overweight is always a problem for our body. It has a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system and leads to metabolic disorders. And according to statistics from the World Health Organization, mortality from cardiovascular diseases among obese people is growing every year. Of course, some have extra pounds due to a serious illness or injury - this is a separate case when it is simply impossible to deal with a defect.possible. But others face obesity due to poor lifestyles, which include junk food, excessive food intake, addictions and a minimum of activity. All this is connected with a personal decision of the person, and there is little positive in such a choice.

More one alarming signal is a rash on the face and body. Bodypositive teaches you to be tolerant towards them, and rightly so! But people suffering from such problems should be aware that they do not appear from scratch. Acne, dermatitis and other diseases are just an external reaction of the body to internal disorders that cannot be ignored.

There is aggression towards thin people

This phenomenon concerns by no means all representatives of body positive, but as a fact it exists. Although initially the current instills tolerance for people of any shape, at some moments it turns into aggression towards the overly thin. Such offensive nicknames, like drish, board and skin and bones, hit self-esteem no worse than words exactly opposite in meaning. And girls with a pronounced muscle relief may not be called a fit girl, which sounds ironic, but masculine - already rude.

Why is body positive dangerous? The downside of the popular movement

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If you include them in your diet, it will be much easier to deal with imperfections.

How to avoid harmful extremes?

All of the extremes we have listed are harmful to both human health and an adequate understanding of the nature of body positive. To avoid them and understand the essence of social flow, it is important to adhere to simple principles.

Listen to your body and its signals

The movement encourages acceptance and respect for any body, but does not ask you to ignore real problems. In order to identify them, it is important to listen to your own body and be more sensitive to its signals. If the weight - overweight or, conversely, too low - begins to give you discomfort and soreness, and also develops an unhealthy attitude towards food, then you need to contact a specialist and take action. The same applies to all types of diseases that affect the appearance: you don't need to be ashamed or despised for them, you need to treat them.

Why is body positive dangerous? The downside of the popular movement

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Rejection of generally accepted standards is not a hindrance to a dream figure!

Respect the right to choose

Any - both someone else's and one's own. This is one of the most important laws of body positive, without which the movement would not have power. Of course, you do not have to like others, just like you do, but go over to insults and support outright bullying, which gives rise toviolence is unacceptable in any situation.

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