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Why don't you start running tomorrow?

Buy a subscription to a gym for three months and go three times at most? Schedule daily runs in the park near your house and never go out? Start losing weight on the same Monday, which for some reason will not come? Each of us has at least once made a promise to ourselves that we just can't keep. What is the reason that such a desired and correct goal according to all the laws of the genre hardly achieves its realization (read: if it even lives up to the stage of implementation). Our expert psychologist Maria Makarova .

Why don't you start running tomorrow?

Time is against us

Have you ever run? But tomorrow you will certainly start, and for some reason, you must start in the morning and before work. Thus, you knowingly expose your body to additional stress. Why? Because, firstly, to jog in the morning, you will need to get up at least an hour before the usual time, that is, we greatly shorten the time during which our body usually completed recovery from sleep, and, which is absolutely wrong, we abruptly exit the regime, to which has been used for years.

How to set this goal correctly?
In order to gradually shift jogging into the morning without unnecessary stress and damage to the body, the transition to them and an earlier rise must be done gradually. Try running in the evening after work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Introduce evening jogging into your daily ritual, run at least 2-3 times a week - this will be enough to start forming a new healthy habit. Then let's take a look at your regimen. Every day for 10 days try to go to bed 5-10 minutes earlier than the usual time and, accordingly, get up 5-10 minutes earlier - very soon, thanks to this simple procedure, you will be able to adjust your daily routine and free up half an hour of time required for a morning run.

Why don't you start running tomorrow?

For everyone but myself

I'm losing weight for my husband or I'm losing weight because my wife said that I need to come to form - people say such phrases not only at a psychologist's appointment, but also in life. For some, they can really serve as a good motivation, everything here is very individual and subtle. But for most, this motivator doesn't work. Because the phrase I’m losing weight for the sake of someone sounds stupid, for our consciousness it is initially incorrectly formulated, our brain hears: I don’t consider myself fat, but since I have to, then for his / her sake I’ll try to lose weight. But if you yourself deny the existence of this or that problem, then it becomes several times more difficult to get off the ground.

How to set this goal correctly? Understand yourself, understand what you yourself want: maybe you have your photos in ideal weight / shape - look at them more often. To regain a body in which you are comfortable yourself, and not the one in which others want to see you, is much clearer and correctly formulatedI am a goal.

Why don't you start running tomorrow?

In unequal conditions

Surely each of you at least once in your life heard phrases in the style: Here it is - it is clear why he became a champion, he had a good coach .. Or a lot of money, other opportunities and a million more reasons that justify the fact that someone succeeded, but not you. It is very important to see and notice the resource that is around you. Perhaps only your own laziness separates you from the first workout? Because starting to run is absolutely free. Yes, athletics experts might say that in order to go for a run, you need to choose the right and right running shoes, get puzzled about buying the right equipment, equip yourself with a fitness bracelet or some other expensive and highly important tracker. In fact, everything is a little simpler: you can buy the most expensive gym membership and the most expensive equipment possible and leave them collecting dust on a shelf in the closet.

How to stop looking at others? It may sound rude, but in such cases I always say: turn off Instagram and stop reading glossy magazines. They only distort your real idea of ​​the world, because it often turns out that a person looks at the account of a successful fitness model and subconsciously says to himself: well, it certainly won't work for me. Not everyone can read an article and immediately challenge themselves, decide to repeat such a difficult and full of different difficulties the path of the person he just read about. My advice is simple: decide why you want to start practicing, what goal you want to reach, and then ideally find a person who could walk this path with you. Human care and support are essential when we are about to step out of our comfort zone and start rebuilding ourselves.

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